Duangporn Songvisava

The Modern Ancients

Duangporn SangvisavaCuisine: Thai

Restaurant: Bo.lan

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Signature Dish: Green Curry with Stuffed Egg Yolks


In bustling Bangkok, “Thai food” varies wildly from superb street food to courtly traditional banquets, to insipid pretenders that tone down spice levels and modify tastes to suit Thailand’s legions of foreign taste buds. Instead of the fusion that dominates so many fashionable Bangkok restaurants these days, the remarkable achievement of young chefs Duangporn Songvisava (“Bo”) and Dylan Jones at their groundbreaking restaurant Bo.lan (No. 2 in Thailand in the 2009/2010 Miele Guide) is in staying true to classical Thai cuisine while updating it for modern times.

The name Bo.lan not only represents both their names, it is also Thai for “antique”. And “antique” it is - for their cooking style takes a leaf out of the Old Siam period, literally: every table at the restaurant is equipped with a cookbook harking from King Rama 5’s reign, while the contemporary setting of the restaurant belies the with a fresh touch and new perspectives of two young chefs with great ambitions for Thai cuisine.


Read more about her profile in our exclusive interview.

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