Reader's Digest Year-End Holiday Celebration


A special giving and
holiday season is nearing!

As part of what we want to
give back to you,
your family and friends...

We are proud to present you
the Reader's Digest
Holiday Craze

There will be fantastic
giveaways & contests
on this website...

So make sure to come back here
everyday to take part!

Happy holidays, and
have lots of fun
sharing the love and joy!

= Your favourite presents to receive =
"Anything that comes from the heart" - Orlando O. Calundan
"One-year subscription of Reader's Digest ... ;)" - Ruth Custodio Banting
"Any present came from my love(:" - Aileen G. Maghanoy
"An entire day with someone special." - Laerni Agbay
"Anything that comes from the heart :)" - Aileme Zilef

= Rainy days make me... =
"Want to snuggle with my man." - Krianne Charell
"rainy days make me forget everything." - Samreen Ayaz Jiva
"Regret I ever hated the sun." - Azfer Firdaus William
"Rainy days make me take umbrella." - Hui Qi
"Dance more and jump on puddles!" - Gurlie Nush
"Remembering unforgettable moments in my life.:)" - Adrienne Karmina
"Feel plastic romantic thoughts of love" - Novocaine Kiss
"Rainy days make me see rainbows! :)" - Gilbert Tan
"Rainy days make me annoyed being stuck in bad traffic" - Noni Din
"Remember awesome moments spent with u.." - Ashika Iqbal
= My Motto in Life =
"We're here to learn and teach." - Lori Simpson
"Integrity of character leads to succes." - Ktenenh Norma
"Yesterday is over my shoulder." - Karen Bnsol
"It is my choice it happened." - Aimee Lanuza
"Try the other way, dont quit!" - Ron Iñigo Barcayan
"Spit full tonight, trick out tomorrow." - Ryan Dave Montales
"Life has to end, Love doesn't." - Yen Apacible Reyes
"Everyday is an opportunity to learn." - Yuliana Kasman
"Just be yourself and be happy." - Yimin Ng
"If not satisfied, do it yourself." - Nhet Ong
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Click here to participate now!
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