Household Cleaning Made Quick, Easy And Complete

We all have them. Those moments when you realise it's been more than a week since you've vacuumed, thoroughly cleaned the kitchen or even done a full load of laundry.

Household cleaning made quick, easy and complete
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The sink in the bathroom looks like a petri dish, a layer of dust covers the living room furniture, and the dishes in the kitchen?

Well, best not to even talk about them.

Then there are other times, when you have the house in order and all the rooms are clean but you're bothered by the coating of mineral deposits that just won't come off that glass shower door, or that stain on the carpet that grabs your attention every time you walk through the living room.

They may be little things, but they stick out like big problems.

These are the two sides of keeping your house clean: regu­larly dealing with the general mess on a room-by-room basis, and fighting smaller battles in specific areas as they arise.

Get­ting on top of the small and large parts of house cleaning can sometimes seem a little overwhelming.

Never fear! This guide was developed to help you conquer both of those challenges. 

1. The Big Picture
1. The Big Picture
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Our main objectiveis to develop a commonsense whole­house cleaning method to be performed on a weekly basis.

In today's busy world, few of us have the luxury of unlimited time to spend on cleaning our houses.

But even if we did, who wants to spend hours scrubbing, soaking, washing, and vacuuming?

It's a pretty safe bet that household cleaning is nobody's idea of a fun time or we'd all be skipping our vacations to scrub floors.

That's why "The Ultimate Whole-House Cleaning Plan," is designed to produce the clean­est possible rooms with the least amount of effort and time.

Follow this plan on a weekly basis and it will streamline your cleaning process, leading you through a multitasking approach to get you in, through, and out of each room super quickly and efficiently.

It's all about letting the cleaning products you use do the work so you avoid any duplication of effort, and thus stay ahead of the mess wherever you can. 

To kick off the program, we've come up with 10 handy "laws" of whole-house clean­ing.

These represent the sum of a lot of hard-earned cleaning experience, so they should come in handy for all your cleaning chores.

Read through these before tackling the plans for each individual room, so that you understand the logic behind the plans.

These rules guide how you clean each room, but truth be told, they are just as applicable in putting a garage or basement space in order.

Of course, sometimes general cleaning is not the issue.

Sometimes you need to know the best way to clean just one troublespot.

You usher the last party guest out the door only to discover a water ring on an end table.

Or you want to bring your countertops back to their brand-new shine and sparkle.

It's only natural that you're going to deal with all kinds of smaller, particular cleaning issues in your home-from stubborn stains and funky odors to surfaces that seem dingy no matter what you do.


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