Reader's Digest Asia - December 2011 Issue

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Reader's Digest December Magazine CoverIn the Magazine:
Reader's Digest Asia
December 2011


The Science of Shopping 
What inspire us to open our wallets and spend money? You'll be surprised to find out

Asian of the year 2011

Asian of the Year 2011
Meet four individuals who embody the ethos "Ordinary people doing extraordinary things" - a Thai woman who saves AIDS orphans, a Japanese mayor who held the world's attention during the March earthquake, a Singaporean man who champions good sanitation and a bridge builder from Hong Kong


James and Phil Younghusband

The Poster Boys of Philippines Football
With a potent combination of talent and good looks, James and Phil Younghusband will soon get Filipinos saying, "Manny who?"

A Miracle on Christmas Eve
Twelve years after a tragic loss, a doctor gets another chance to save a life 

Ice kingdomInto the Ice Kingdom 
They were the first team ever to dive under the polar ice cap, but the Arctic held hidden danger

Worried Sick
That little mole, persistent cough, or nasty itch must be a sign of a rare disease, right? Our resident doctor and his assistant are here to soothe your fevered brow

Low tide runLow-Tide Run
"Not Since Moses", an aptly-named run in Canada, is great experience

Swan Serenade
By turns angelic in flight, flashy in a display of triumph and stately in tucked-in repose, the whooper swan is a bird to inspire flights of fancy

Cheating epidemicThe Cheating Epidemic
A paid academic ghost-writer explains how thousands of students cheat - and why they do it

Where are the Odds
Five incredible but true coincidences that add mystery to history

Blind optimismBlind Optimism

Most couples hope to have a baby one day. But behind all the happy anticipation, becoming a parent does have it worries, doubts and misgivings. Now imagine experiencing all those emotions in the way author Ryan Knighton did, as an expected father who is going blind

The importance of Peaceful Protest
Mike Fincken talks about the importance of making a stand

10 Sign That You Work Too Hard 


Gift for the tech loversHoliday Wishlist
Stan's top picks for the most wanted additions to the tech lover's holiday gift wishlist



Beat the Blues - Some proven ways to keep the blues at bay

A Hidden Factor in Gut Pain - Research suggests those with irritable bowel syndrome should avoid carbs

Clueless About Contraception - Unprotected sex is prevalent among young adults in Asia Pacific

Why Exercise? - Here are some unexpected benefits from sport.

New Help for the Sleepless 
Wrinkles, More Than Skin Deep - According to a new research, wrinkles may also hint that bone health is on the decline.


The Learning Cycle
Random acts of kindness from around the world


Mother and Father Christmas
A retired businessman and his wife have become real Santas for a village in the Philippines



Without Prejudice
Despite so much news about racial and religious conflict, one childhood friend taught me that our differences can also bring us together


Pumpkin Gingerbread

The Lowdown On: Virtual Museums

MoviesWar Horse, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Muppets

Books: Our pick of stocking fillers to delight your loved ones this festive season

Blog: Cook a Doodle Do - a charming book and blog of illustrated recipes


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