Party planner timeline: A month before

Follow our guide to party planning for a smooth, stress-free and unforgettable event! 

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Start the planning process well in advance and you won’t overlook any aspect of the upcoming event. Allow plenty of time and keep lists of things to do and to buy. As a result, you’ll remain stress-free and avoid last-minute glitches.

4–6 weeks before the party

• Select a date and time for your party and state a date by when guests should reply.
• Create the guest list.
• Determine your budget – then make sure you stick to it!
• Plan your menu and beverages.
• Make a list of tasks to do in advance and another to do on the day of the party.

2–3 weeks before the party

• Make party favours, decorations and/or nonperishable centrepieces.
• Send out invitations or call guests. Make it clear what type of food will be served and what time you plan on serving it.
• Take inventory of plates, serving platters, serviettes (napkins), cutlery, glasses, etc. Shop for any needed items.
• Prepare two shopping lists – one for nonperishable items to purchase now and one for perishable items to purchase a few days before the party.
• Order your fresh meat or fresh turkey.
• Make a list of cleaning tasks.

1 week before the party

• Call guests who haven’t responded.
• Buy nonperishable items.
• Do preliminary housecleaning.
• Check that the table linens are laundered.
• Prepare and freeze any recipes you can.
• Plan seating, food and drink areas.
• Take stock of the bar.

Follow these tips and you're on your way to a great party! For things to do in the days leading up to the big event click here 

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