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The 29th Sweepstakes 2015
Singapore: Prize List | Official Rules | FAQ

The 29th Super Contest 2015
Malaysia: Prize List | Official Rules | FAQ

Customer Appreciation Prize 2015
Hong Kong: Official Rules
Taiwan: Official Rules
The Super Jackpot 2014
Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan:
Prize List | Official Rules

The Mega Million Contest 2014
Malaysia: Prize List | Official Rules

Meet the winners of our 27th Sweepstakes

Congratulations to our latest winners!

Grand Prize Sweepstakes Winner   Thank You Prize Sweepstakes Winner   Celebration Suprise Sweepstakes Winner

Grand Prize Winner, Mr K H Tan, banks his cheque for RM500,000.

Thank You Prize + Pref Customer Bonus Winner, Ms M L Lee, banks her cheque for $150,000.

Celebration Suprise Winner, Mr C H Wong, banks his cheque for $5,000.

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Meet the winners of our 26th Sweepstakes

Congratulations to our 26th Sweepstakes Winners!


Congratulations to our 26th Malaysia Super Contest Winners!

26th Sweepstakes Winner Malaysia Super Contest Winner  

Grand Prize Winner, อารี อรพินท์, banks her cheque for THB5,355,000 + THB600,000.
View all 26th Sweepstakes winners »

Super Contest Grand Prize Winner, I Ramasamy banks cheque for RM225,000. View all Malaysia Super Contest winners »


Meet the winners of our 25th Sweepstakes

Congratulations to our 25th Sweepstakes winners!

25th Sweepstakes Winner    

See the winners of the 25th Sweepstakes as they accept their prizes and
enjoy the celebrations in Singapore. View all 25th Sweepstakes winners »


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