Sports Jokes

A win's a win

We took our two teenage sons to a restaurant that was packed with fans watching a sporting event on TV. The harassed waitress took our order, but 30 minutes later there was no sign of our food. I... read more

Our undefeated season

I played in a social mixed netball team in a league where you get to name your own team. We called ourselves “BYE Round”. So when our opponents read their weekly roster, they thought, “Sweet, we’... read more

Slick joke

I’m not very interested in tobogganing, but I’d do it if pushed.

Top of the class

A university football coach called out the new member saying, "Look, I'm not supposed to have you on this team because you failed your maths exams but we really do need you to play for us. What I'... read more

A golfer to the end

Police are called to an apartment and find a woman holding a bent and twisted 5-iron, standing over a lifeless man. A detective asks, "Is that your husband?"

"Yes" replies the woman.... read more