Bizarre – but true – travel taxes and levies

Some airport authorities and airlines around the world are charging unexpected – and to be honest, downright strange taxes. Here are some that are prompting outrage among travellers:

Bizarre – but true – travel taxes and levies


– Breathing Tax at Maiquetia International Airport in Caracas, Venezuela. Each departing passenger is charged 127 bolivar ($22) to help pay for the newly-installed air purification system.

– Smoking Tax at Belfast International Airport, Ireland. Passengers who access the airport’s smoking lounge are charged £1 ($1.80) for the pleasure.

– Airport Development Fees at Newquay, Durham, Norwich and Blackpool Airports, UK. Departing passengers using any of these four airports have to fork out up to £10 ($18) just to take off.


– Blanket Charge on budget airline Norwegian Air Shuttle. Feeling chilly mid-flight? That’ll be NOK31 ($5.40) for the use of a blanket.

– Name Change Fee, Ryanair. If a passenger makes an unintended spelling error when booking their ticket online, the airline charges £110 ($199) – or £160 ($290) if it’s detected at the airport – to correct the mistake on their ticket. Ouch!


Hotels such as Aloft in Manhattan will soon be offering guests the ability to check in and enter their room using just their smartphone. Access will be granted via an app that doubles as a virtual key.


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