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The Self-Reliant Silent Traveller

It wasn’t that long ago that your holiday started with a trip to your local travel agent. Today, travellers are increasingly sorting out their travel arrangements using smartphone and tablet apps. This trend led US travel industry analysts Skift to create a name for such travellers – the Silent Traveller.

What sets the silent traveller apart is his or her ability to solve problems using their tablets and smartphones while on their holidays. They don’t contact local tour companies directly or hunt down help from hotel staff, rather they solve their own travel concerns using their own tech-savvy wits. Using their smartphones or tablets they check local information, make bookings and basically manage their holiday entirely digitally.

A survey released by Skift in July this year found that just under 40% of silent travellers were aged ­between 25 and 34.


If being a silent traveller appeals, try downloading these:

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights and Restaurants app

Available for iPhone and iPad (free); Read reviews by other travellers, see photos and access maps of where you’re staying and where you’re headed. Find airfares, hotels, restaurants and things to do.

WorldMate app

Available on iPhone (free) and Android (free); Create your itinerary using WorldMate. Just forward your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, hire cars, restaurant bookings, etc to and the app generates an itemised itinerary. An app upgrade can be bought so you receive reminders of your departure times.

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