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10 couples share their inspiring stories of love, faith, hope and courage

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Before 2000, I was resigned to being a bachelor for life as I was bad tempered and unsociable – until I met my angel in 2001. She was pure, kind, beautiful and tolerant. She was always there for me when I needed her, just like when I was enlisted for my National Service, and her care and concern saw me through the two years I dreaded the most.

About the same time I met my future wife, I was dealt a blow. There was a tumour growing in the left side of my gum, which doctors said could be cancerous. Instead of running away, she stayed to face the problem with me.

Although it was not cancerous in the end, the tumour still had to be removed as it was eating up the gum veins, meaning I could lose all my teeth. So I went ahead with the operation. I was very weak and breathless every day I stayed in the hospital. But she was always there with me, sleeping by my bedside, until she nursed me back to health. This incident showed that she was willing to go through any adversity with me, and I was sure then that I would hang on to her no matter what happened.

After saving enough to purchase our dream home and being confident of giving her a comfortable life, I finally proposed to her at the Marina Bay Sands in 2010 after ten years of courtship. She accepted my proposal and set her mind to slimming down for our wedding, so she would look her best for our big day. Despite my repeated attempts to get her to eat more, her determination saw her embark on a strict diet with daily exercise, which I accompanied her for daily.

For someone who likes to eat and gets plump easily, it was no easy task for her.

From a high of 80kg in 2010 when I proposed to her, she now weights just 52kg and easily fits into her dream wedding dress. I am so proud of her and we were happily married just this month. We are planning for a baby this year. I love you Lynn Teo.

Kao Rong Sheng

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