Three Amazing Stories From The Animal Kingdom

Sometimes you have to wonder if we truly deserve animals.

Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring

Maxx, my three-year-old Labrador, has apointer friend called Pip.

We are friends with Pip’s owner Julius, who lives three houses away and the two dogs play together.

One day, I gave Maxx a bone as a reward for not chasing our chickens.

He would normally settle down in the back kitchen to chew it, but this time he left the house with his reward in his mouth.

The next day, my husband gave him another bone but this time kept an eye on him.

When Maxx left the house again with his treat, my husband followed him to Julius’s house and that explained it.

Julius told my husband that Pip had been unwell for a couple of days and that Maxx had paid him a visit with a bone as his get-well-soon gift.

- Astrid Wangiwang Valera

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