The Only Things Cuter Than Puppies Are These Police Puppies

An undeniable universal truth: the only things cuter than puppies are police puppies.

This Police Force Just Recruited Six Puppies—and Their Photo Debut Is SO Cute
A few new recruits just joined the Taipei Police Department, and they’re ready for action. But here’s the catch: They have four legs…and are only one month old.
Are you swooning yet?
Are you swooning yet?

With their puppy-sized hats and uniforms, these six American Labs are just too cute to resist. And they already have a fan club - including us!

Even though they can barely open their eyes yet, each pup is poised to follow in the footsteps (or should we say paw-steps?) of their parents, Yellow and Leader, as narcotics and blood detection dogs.

And according to us, they’re also poised to break the Internet.

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