Trusted Brands 2012 - Hong Kong

Trusted Brands 2012 Winners in Asia

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AIA Hong Kong, one of the largest insurers in Hong Kong, fully understands people’s need of healthy living and protection hence, providing a series of innovative health insurance products and services that carry various innovative features. We have embarked on a strong strategy to build a solid platform, raise our brand profile, increase mindshare through strategic campaigns to strengthen our market position in health products.
Brand perception hinges on something more cerebral: the core values of the company as they are communicated to the public. This is often coined as the ‘Brand DNA’ of a company
To match with the recent healthcare reform and trend of healthy living attitude among the public, AIA Hong Kong implemented a series of creative branding campaigns and initiatives with the theme of ‘healthy living’ in 2011. Those included ‘Mind the Gap’, a large-scale health promotion campaign, as well as ‘AIA Healthy Living Index’, the 1st ever healthy living index survey across Asia Pacific, both have successfully raised the public awareness of healthy living, established a brand image of customer caring and let the public get known to lists of quality health products and services provided by AIA Hong Kong, thereby enhance the brand awareness and business performance.
AIA Hong Kong builds the right platform and people help to deliver marketing and product strategy. We provide attentive training for our agency force on district level, and will continue to heavily invest in resources to further develop AIA Premier Academy. We believe this holistic approach is a key success factor for the performance of our agency force and has helped differentiate AIA Hong Kong from the other insurers. It is an approach that helps AIA Hong Kong set the industry benchmark and maintain its lead as a leading insurer in Hong Kong.
‘AIA Hong Kong’ or ‘the Company’ herein refers to American International Assurance Company (Bermuda) Limited.
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Founded in 1936 by Chevron and Texaco, two of the world's largest oil companies, Caltex has grown to become a leading brand with petroleum refining facilities and marketing operations in over 60 countries in the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa. In the Hong Kong SAR, Caltex is engaged in the marketing of petroleum products to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Caltex's business can be divided into retail sales, lubricants sales, the storage and distribution terminal, and trading business.
Caltex has long been a proponent of environmental professionalism, and ensures that all its services and products meet globally accepted health, environmental and safety standards. From planning to development, implementation to management, training, contingency preparations and monitoring systems, Caltex adheres consistently to this belief. With the most advanced facilities in the field, no effort is spared in preventing pollution, minimizing waste, and protecting the environment.
Caltex has a rich and powerful tradition of being customer centric and we aim to provide reliable service to our valuable customers. In 2006, Caltex introduced the technologically advanced and exclusive Techron® fuel-cleaning additive to most markets of Asia Pacific and Africa. Caltex with Techron keeps car engines cleaner and freer of deposits left behind by inferior fuels. The car’s fuel tank is not the only thing Caltex cares about. At our stations, customers can find necessities with wide range of variety at StarMart. While they are tanking up, they can find our facilities being upgraded constantly with brighter lighting system and cleaner toilets, so they can always enjoy a good fueling experience at Caltex stations. Each year our staffs are engaged to different voluntary service to nurture Hong Kong’s next generation for the betterment of our future.
In 2011, Caltex launched a new brand campaign. For too many people, driving has become a chore. Caltex would like to think otherwise. With beautiful scenery and great memories, Caltex wants to become a cheerful pit stop along a journey, adding some fun and convenience along the way. Hence the new Caltex brand tagline : "Enjoy the Journey".
For more information on Caltex, please
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As one of the earliest subsidiary offices in Asia, Canon Hongkong Co., Ltd. (CHK) was established in 1971. It is responsible for sales, marketing and services of all Canon product lines in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan, the Philippines and Mongolia, including its digital cameras, digital video camcorders, printers, copiers, scanners, projectors and other imaging merchandise. CHK adheres to Canon’s corporate philosophy, kyosei, which in essence motivates the company with its staff to proactively strive for harmonious coexistence with other citizens through participation in various social, charitable and environmental activities. From year 2005, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service has awarded CHK the Caring Company Logo in recognizing CHK’s continuous efforts contributed to the local community. Furthermore, CHK also endeavours to adopt internationally recognized management systems, having become certified in conformance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 in 2003, 2004 and 2005 respectively. CHK is certified to COPC-2000 CSP Standard in 2006.
Being a responsible manufacturer, Canon leads to be the first in global to set up its own Canon Toner Cartridge Recycle Factory located in Japan, China, U.S. and France since 1990 to make sure all collected toner cartridges are utilize as reused parts in new products. Up to 2010, Canon has reduced the use of new resources by 168,000 tons and CO2 emissions by 402,000 tons. Likewise, CHK from 2009 has established Ink Cartridge Collection boxes placed in voluntary schools, shopping malls, commercial centers and commercial buildings to collect used cartridges for recycling purpose.
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Centaline Property, an estate agency brand that founded in Hong Kong in 1978. It is now a well-known brand in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei and Singapore, with over 1,500 branches. Under the umbrella of Centaline Property, there are two sub-brands, namely STATELYHOME and Centaline commercial.
Centaline values our customers and provides them with professional and quality real estate agency services. Qualified staff team is essential. Thus, we provide staff with professional training. Centaline Training Institute is founded to serve this purpose. Besides, task groups are set up to evaluate and improve policies and measures that related to daily operations and customer services.
We believe that consumers will make a proper decision when they have enough information for reference. Throughout the decades, Centaline Property advocates “Market Transparency and Fair Deals”. Since 1996, Centaline has been providing free market information to the society through its websites, namely, and We have application software for smart phone users also in regard to the market information and hot listings.
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Laser Refractive Surgery Center, established in 1996, is one of the major ophthalmic research and treatment centers based in the CUHK Eye Center (CUHKEC). The CUHKEC provides not only state-of-the-art eye care services to patients in need, but also undertakes pioneering academic research and training activities. The CUHKEC is staffed by professors of the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences of the CUHK, with interests in various subspecialty areas of ophthalmology. The CUHKEC is fully equipped with the latest equipment and technologies, making it one of the leading clinical, research and training centers in the Asia-Pacific region.
The CUHK Laser Refractive Surgery Center is committed to providing the best diagnostic and comprehensive refractive surgery services for patients. In addition to the clinical services, the CUHK Laser Refractive Surgery Center is devoted to academic research and professional training, which enable it to keep abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the field of refractive surgery.
At present, the CUHK Laser Refractive Surgery Center provides a full spectrum of refractive surgery services, including LASIK by femtosecond technology (“All-laser” LASIK), LASIK by microkeratome, advanced surface ablation surgeries (LASEK and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)), topography-guided refractive surgeries, phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK) and collagen cross-linking surgery.
The CUHK Laser Refractive Surgery Center has been awarded the Reader’s Digest “Trusted Brand“ in the Eye Surgery Center (LASIK) category in Hong Kong for two consecutive years since the launch of this awarding category in 2011. This is all the more meaningful since the award winner was chosen by the public who provides testimony to the Center’s quality and service excellence.
With an eye to excellence in clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, the CUHK Laser Refractive Surgery Center strives to utilize its research and development efforts effectively and efficiently to provide the best refractive surgery services to the public. In the future, the CUHK Laser Refractive Surgery Center will continue to excel in clinical services and research for the benefits of all patients in Hong Kong and beyond.
Doctor's Choice
Winner for Category
DOCTOR’S CHOICE VITAMINS AND MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS are unique in that they are specially formulated by physicians to meet the needs of different people, from children to adults of golden age, from healthy people to those with weak livers or hair….. In short, they are tailor-made for us and produced in USA from natural ingredients. It consists of 4 series: (1) Essential Vitamins, (2) Multivitamins & Minerals for Specific Needs, (3) Children Series & (4) Health Supplements, a total of over 40 variants.
Winner for Category
DHLDHL, the global market leader in the logistics industry, is being recognized at the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards in the ‘Airfreight/Courier Service’ category for the 9th consecutive year in Hong Kong.
The accolades awarded to DHL since 2004 are a further testament to consumers’ confidence in the DHL brand, and reinforce the company’s long term trusted partnership with customers and its market-leading position in Hong Kong.
As the world’s leading international express services provider, DHL Express is committed to be the ‘International Specialist’ in express shipping by connecting more businesses to more people in more places. Last year, significant investments in global connections and people have been made to expand the company’s global capabilities and improve customer service. The trained specialists of DHL with a true sense of responsibility are dedicated to deliver the best for customers who put their faith in the company.
To highlight DHL’s international expertise and capabilities to meet the express shipping needs of all industries, a global International Specialist marketing campaign was launched last year. The advertisements focused on the express shipping requirements of different industries and show DHL’s expertise in delivering on time, every time throughout the world.
Beside investments in business, DHL is always undertaking contributions to the community and to be a living responsibly company. Once again in September 2011, DHL organized more than 50,000 employees, customers and business partners around the World to take part in our annual Global Volunteer Day activities. In Hong Kong, a series of activities are held to help children, people in need and the elderly, in line with our three corporate responsibility pillars – GoGreen, GoTeach and GoHelp.
DHL is The Logistics company for the world, which commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. A global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and about 275,000 employees worldwide offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements.
Winner for Category
DIAMOND truly believed that, “No water is better than natural water”. Through meticulous science, and comprehensive user and market research, DIAMOND further confirmed that natural water is not only the best for health, but can also bring unexpected benefits to our lifestyles. Holding on to the belief that “Water is vital, choose only the best”. DIAMOND was determined to provide customers with nothing but the best water filtration system.
These living proofs have inspired DIAMOND water specialists to delve into water molecular structures and their relationships to geology. They finally discovered the way to mimic the natural process of obtaining mineral water—with DIAMOND ceramic beads that convert tap water to nutritious and good-quality mineral water.
The principle of DIAMOND Home Spring water technology is very simple. It is just like cultivating ginseng and lingzhi instead of collecting them in the wild. DIAMOND water specialists collected a type of precious mineral rocks aged 330 million years and above, and combined them with Zisha and other soil types to produce special ceramic beads. This new DIAMOND Home Spring Water technology, we need not destroy the ecology, waste energy on transportation, bottling etc.
Mineral water obtained from DIAMOND Home Spring water system is sweet and smooth, very safe, easily absorbed and as pure as natural mineral water. In other words, mineral water from deep in the mountains has been brought to your home for you to enjoy continuously. DIAMOND believe water is a miraculous natural element that is able to sustain life and provide all living things on earth infinite vitality. Because at that, we pursue our goals with just one single-minded believe: Water is vital, choose only the best.
11st Brussels Eureka World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology Gold Medal
29th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products, Geneva Gold Medal and Special Jury Award
Winner for Category
Englishtown, the world's largest adult English language learning school, is a part of EF, Education First. We are backed by decades of teaching experience, and we have more than 450 offices and schools across the globe. With a dedicated team of 34,000 professional teachers and staff worldwide, Englishtown has successfully helped more than 15 million people around the world to improve their English.
Over the last decade, Englishtown has invested more than US$50 million to develop the EFEKTA system, the most advanced and innovative English learning method engineered to deliver maximum results in the least time. The backbone of the Efekta system is our state-of-the-art language iLab, designed to accelerate language acquisition. With over 1,500 hours of interactive multimedia tutorials powered by EF linguists, the iLab is one of a kind.
Englishtown teaches students Real English that they can apply in their daily life! The avant-garde Efekta™ System simultaneously accelerates students’ language skills and enriches their cultural knowledge. Through the three steps of “Learn – Try – Apply”, the combination of Face-to-Face classes, state-of-the-art iLab and fun activities, students learn communication skills and encounter different cultures. Master Real English; succeed in the real world.
Corporate Clients
There are over 1,200 corporations that have chosen Englishtown as their Professional English training provider. Most of them are Fortune 500 multi-national companies including HSBC, Motorola, Microsoft, Nestle and Hitachi.
2010 Asian Games and 2008 & 1988 Olympic Games
Englishtown was appointed the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010's authorised English training services provider, and for the Seoul 1988 and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Englishtown was the "Official language training services provider". We provided English training for over 160,000 adjudicators, translators and volunteers so as to improve their English language proficiency
Recognised by the Government
Englishtown is registered as an education institution for The Education Bureau. Our training course is recognised by the government's "Continuing Education Fund" and "Workplace English Campaign".
Eu Yan Sang
Winner for Category
Found in 1879, Eu Yan Sang is one of the respected retailers of traditional Chinese herbs and medicines in Southeast Asia. Driven by the spirit of "caring for mankind" and adhering to quality standard, the Company produces the best natural Chinese medicinal products in accordance with ancient formulae and under the strictest quality-control procedures. Today, Eu Yan Sang has over 300 stores as well as an extensive distribution channel extending from Southeast Asia to USA, Canada and other countries. The most famous products include "Bak Foong Pills" for women and "Bo Ying Compound" for infants.
Golden Phoenix
Winner for Category
Golden Phoenix is The Authentic Premium Jasmine Rice produced from Thailand that has been exported to many countries around the World for more than 70 years. Our rice is purely 100% Thai Hom Mali cultivar. With our dedication to deliver the best quality rice with good taste to our value customers, we have long been determined to select finest materials, manage and produce them with care. Those steps are called ‘Secret combinations’.
Finest Material – As we believe that delicious rice came from finest raw material. Our Hom Mali Rice paddy originates only from high-quality and reliable sources of Khao Dok Mali 105 varieties from North-Eastern part of Thailand, which is the best fertile soil and climate for Hom Mali rice. Our rice expert selected only from the finest quality rice seeded from the freshest harvests and kept in the best condition in order to prolong the freshness and uniqueness fragrance.
Attentive Care – Our success came from our expertise ensuring you that we take care attentively from the beginning of the process which is receiving raw material, then processed through various production steps through fully automated and state-of-the-art equipments. In each step, samplings are taken for qual
Superior quality of rice – Apart from ordinary safety standard procedures in the factories, our productions are also certifies with various international standards as shown; ISO 9001 /ISO 22000 / GMP /HACCP. Even we have quality inspections throughout the process, there is also one last inspection before deliver goods to our clients, in order to make sure that we deliver only superior quality of Thai Hom Mali rice that meet our value customers’ expectation. Furthermore, when cooked, our highly care rice is guaranteed to be fresh, fragrance, soft and chewy which will increase your appetite
Along with 70 years of Golden Phoenix brand’s journey, we have been continuously awarded with The Reader’s digest Trusted Brand-Gold Awards in Hong Kong and Asia for many year, Again, Hong Kong in this year is one of the solid proof that we’ll be your trustworthy taste and quality as always.
Winner for Category
healthbabyHealthBaby Group has been well-established for 11 years. We adopt the state-of-the-art technology to offer quality cord blood and umbilical cord stem cells storage service. With the rapid business development, HealthBaby Group has set up regional branches in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and Taiwan. HealthBaby is also the only Asian cord blood bank entered U.S.A (origin of cord blood banking) which proved the company met international standard.
With “Fidelity and Quality” as the Group philosophy, HealthBaby is the most accredited cord blood bank in Asia. The Group has been awarded 23 international accreditations, certificates and awards. Most notably, we are the only Asian cord blood bank which passed the highest industry standard in cellular therapies --- The Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT).
Best still, HealthBaby is also the most accredited cord blood bank in Hong Kong. With the assurance of professional international accreditations, HealthBaby is recommended by most O&G specialists1. Thus, most parents entrusted HealthBaby for 3 consecutive years2 and the present market share of HealthBaby is over 70% in Hong Kong2.
Storing cord blood and umbilical cord stem cells is once in a lifetime opportunity. HealthBaby Group is committed to provide the most professional and reliable stem cells storage services to expectant parents.
Sources: 1. IMS 2010 Cord Blood Bank Market Research in Hong Kong (with Private O&G physicians)
               2. Synovate Healthcare 2009-2011 Cord Blood Bank Survey
Winner for Category
Established in 1922, today Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) is one of the leading private hospitals in Hong Kong. With the solid foundation and strong tradition laid down by two former Medical Superintendents, Dr. Li Shu Fan and Dr. Li Shu Pui, HKSH represents the gold standard of medical excellence, high professionalism and cutting-edge technology, providing comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients both local and overseas. We pride ourselves on our uncompromising adherence to the concept of Total Patient Experience, caring not only for the clinical but also the psychological aspects of every patient with superb amenities, a soothing environment, warm hospitality and meticulous care. In fact our motto "Quality in Service Excellence in Care" embodies succinctly our core belief in the provision of health care services. And by realizing this motto with the concepts of 3Ts, i.e. teaching, teamwork and trust, HKSH aspires to become a Centre of Excellence in training, research and services.
From a humble nursing home to a renowned private hospital, HKSH grows with Hong Kong, sailing through the same ups and downs throughout the last nine decades with resilience and persistence. Just like this vibrant community, we are willing to take on any challenges ahead with both daring and prudence, with vision and mission as we did in the past 90 years.
To be an internationally recognized and preferred health care provider offering the most advanced medical technology, highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals and a patient focused caring culture.
We will attract, retain and develop the best people by providing professional education, training and research in the health care service sector and a fair and happy working environment.
We will provide premier technology, facilities and patient care in a friendly manner, which will always exceed the expectations of patients, visiting doctors and colleagues alike.
We endeavor to create a culture of continuous improvement to deliver a level of service excellence which is founded on the pride, dedication, and identity of every staff member serving in the hospital.
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) is awarded Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Gold Award in Hospital category for the fourth time in 2012.
Winner for Category
Established in 1996, the Guy Hugh Chan Refractive Surgery Centre was the first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong, always pioneering in and contributing immensely to the development of refractive surgeries and ophthalmologic education in Hong Kong.
The Centre is committed to providing reliable and safe service for presbyopic patients, i.e. correction of refractive errors for patients with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Surgeries including LASIK, LASEK, Epi-LASIK, ICR, Phakic IOL and more are conducted at the Centre. It has also performed the largest number of LASIK surgeries in Hong Kong, i.e. 80,000 eyes since 1996.
The Centre has a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel, and with the support of the state-of-the-art technology in refractive surgery including all laser (bladeless), Intralase Femtosecond Laser, excellent safety and visual results are achieved.
Since establishment, the Centre has aligned itself with the 3T Principles of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, i.e. Teaching, Teamwork and Trust. As the first LASIK training centre of international renown in Hong Kong, the Centre provides continuous training to medical professionals. And it always strives to improve its service quality and performance to exceed patients’ expectations.
The Centre has been awarded Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award in “Eye Surgery Centre (LASIK)” category in 2011 and 2012.
The Centre adheres to a safety standard far above the general requirements of most surgeries. It also keeps abreast of changes in medical technology, introducing the latest state-of-the-art equipment. The equipment is maintained on a daily basis for maximum efficacy.
Hong Yip
Winner for Category
Established in 1967, Hong Yip Service Company Limited (Hong Yip), as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd (SHKP), has decades of experience in property and lifestyle management. It is currently an employer of over 11,000 people and manages a portfolio of over 1,900 individual building blocks. This figure represents 150,000 units covering a total of more than 122 million square feet ranging from private estates, luxurious houses, commercial and industrial buildings, car parking lots, shopping arcades to other facilities.
Hong Yip dedicates to foster a culture of service excellence in Hong Kong to strengthen local economy as a whole. The achievement is also evident in the company’s strong team determination on corporate mission: “To deliver the most ideal one stop estate and lifestyle management services for our customers.”
Throughout the years, Hong Yip also acknowledges the fact that cleaning and security services now constitute only a fraction of its service portfolio. What is more important is to provide customers with a series of remarkable value-added services, including stamp selling and free mailing service, magazines and newspapers delivery, laundry, seasonal offers such as moon cakes, hairy crabs, special bargain offers on daily groceries and much more, to relieve residents’ of household hassles and have more time to enjoy life.
In order to keep up with the industry’s best practices and provide consistently outstanding service, Hong Yip emphasizes the importance of mutual communications with customers. It has set up seven measures to monitor the quality of service. These measures include opinion survey by SHKP’s internal audit team, Hong Yip’s internal audit, mystery shoppers, and regular opinion survey by an independent organization, senior management’s home visits, a 24-hour hotline centre as well as tea gatherings by the site staff. All the opinions gathered from its customers will be reviewed with follow up actions to satisfy the needs of Hong Yip’s residents.
Looking forward, Hong Yip will endeavor to pursue service excellence with a mission to create ideal living environments and to put continuous efforts to provide enhanced value-for-money services.
Hung Fook
Winner for Category
Founded in 1986, Hong Kong-based Hung Fook Tong has dedicated itself to the promotion of traditional Chinese herbal culture for more than 25 years. We hold fast to our core values of "Naturally Made, Wholeheartedly Good” by selecting only genuine ingredients for our products, and adding no preservatives. Though we started as a simple traditional herbal tea shop, we have made great strides over the years, such as being the first to introduce bottled herbal tea, an innovation that helped both the popularity and the portability of herbal tea. We were also the first herbal tea chain to operate at MTR stations. Now the biggest herbal tea group in Hong Kong, we have also marketed this traditional drink to overseas markets. At present, we have two prime business divisions, namely the retail stores and the bottled drinks, as well as an expanded product line of over 100 products currently under our brand, including herbal jellies, healthy herbal tea, the Deluxe series, and preservative-free healthy drinks, all of which are well received. With more than 100 stores across the territory, Hung Fook Tong has revolutionized the traditional herbal tea business and turned it into a modern and innovative enterprise, in order to furnish customers a comfortable home-like environment.
Kai Sheng
Winner for Category
Kai shengFound in 1978, Kai Shing Management Services Limited is a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties. The company is one of the largest and most reputable property and facilities management companies in Hong Kong, with a property portfolio of over 100 million sq. ft. Over 140 properties managed by Kai Shing including numerous internationally-renowned commercial buildings, large-scale estates, luxury apartments, major shopping arcades, industrial buildings, clubhouses and recreational facilities. With a professional team of over 6,000 people, Kai Shing provides diversify professional services on various aspects of property management, such as facilities management, property management, project management, clubhouse management, recreational facilities management and so on.
Kai Shing is honored to be one of the winners for the “Reader's Digest Trusted Brand 2012”. Aligning with the company motto of “We Serve You Best”, Kai Shing whole-heartedly provide quality property management services for clients, receiving distinctions in areas including property facilities, environmental management, security services, staff training and corporate social responsibility for many years. We dedicate efforts to maintain a comfortable living and working environment for gaining customers’ trust and confidence.
Kai Shing is especially committed in promoting environmental protection measures to the community. Kai Shing would carry on with innovative initiatives and technologies to introduce green elements in management services and facilities, including organic farm, installation of comprehensive renewable energy system, implementation of central waste recycle and food waste conversion schemes.
In the future, Kai Shing will reinforce its leading edge and professionalism in the industry and strive to become the top property management company in Hong Kong and China.
Winner for Category
Manulife (International) Limited is a member of the Manulife Financial group of companies.
Manulife Financial is a leading Canada-based financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States. In 2012, we celebrate 125 years of providing clients strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking solutions for their most significant financial decisions. Our international network of employees, agents and distribution partners offers financial protection and wealth management products and services to millions of clients. We also provide asset management services to institutional customers. The Company operates as Manulife Financial in Canada and Asia and primarily as John Hancock in the United States.
Manulife Financial Corporation trades as ‘MFC’ on the TSX, NYSE and PSE, and under ‘945’ on the SEHK. Manulife Financial can be found on the Internet at
In Hong Kong, Manulife has been a trusted name and leading financial services provider for more than 110 years, offering a comprehensive range of financial protection and wealth management products and services to individual and corporate customers.
Winner for Category
Insisting the mission to take care of customers’ health and wellness, founded in 1997, Meiriki has been one of the local retail pioneers in dietary supplements and natural health food. Since its first day of creation, Meiriki aims to offer supplements that are safe, effective, and of the highest potency possible, produced only with the finest ingredients under the stringent supervisions in Japan.
Meiriki’s products are classified into three categories, “Everyday Health”, “Beauty & Weight Management” and “Functional Health”. From the raw material manufacturing to packaging, each production process is carried out under stringent supervision and quality assurance under the Japan GMP standard. All products have fulfilled the specifications given by the Japanese Government, as well as the international safety standards certified by the Japan Food Research Laboratory (J.F.R.L). Working as a double assurance, the quality and safety are investigated by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (HKSTC) before launching to market, to ensure the absence of heavy metal, mercury, pesticides or any harmful substance.
To provide the most complete personal service from pre-purchase to post-purchase, Meiriki’s health team is composed of registered pharmacists and nutritionists in close cooperation, to offer professional consultation and help people truly understand what their bodies need. The pharmacists and nutritionists are often invited to speak at various health seminars and attend the pharmaceutical conferences overseas. With these experiences, customers can be given the most reliable advices and solutions for the best of health and wellness.
In the past fifteen years, Meiriki’s persistent commitment has not only brought her with the rapid growth, but also settled her industrial status, which is further remarked by media and industrial awards, like “The Best for Home Hong Kong”, “Superbrands Hong Kong”, “Hong Kong Top Brand”, “Wastons Health and Beauty Awards - The Best eye protection, brain development and joint health products”. The company has also been awarded as the ““Caring Company” for 6 consecutive years, as the constant passion and efforts on public welfare, moreover, the only one “Outstanding Corporate Citizens” title recipient for the health foods industry.
Winner for Category
The MTR Corporation was established in 1975 and marked another major milestone on 2 December 2007 when the operations of the other Government-owned rail operator, the Kowloon‑Canton Railway Corporation, were merged into the MTR, heralding a new era in Hong Kong railway development.
The Company is regarded as one of the world’s leading railway operators, with proven success in our integrated approach of rail and property. Since opening our first railway line in Hong Kong over 30 years ago, our activities have increased in size, scale, geographic coverage and diversity. Our strategy for future growth is firmly on track. We are actively engaged in a significant expansion of our network in Hong Kong, while building a growing portfolio of businesses in the Mainland of China and overseas.
We also aims to be a globally recognised leader in meeting the transportation needs of present and future generations, connecting and growing communities with caring service. We actively engage in the communities where we operate and to further enhance the quality of life through our Community Care Action programme, which targets four broad categories, namely Youth, Community Outreach, Art & Culture and Green & Healthy Living.
Winner for Category
Founded in 1848, Prudential plc is an international financial services group with significant operations in Asia, the US and the UK. Our operations span life insurance and asset management, with £351 billion in funds under management across the Group. We were founded over 160 years ago in London, and today provide products and services to more than 26 million customers worldwide.
The Prudential Assurance Company Limited, Hong Kong Branch ("Prudential Hong Kong") has been serving the people of Hong Kong since 1964. With over 6,000 financial consultants, executive financial services managers and staff, it is one of the leading and fastest growing insurance companies in Hong Kong. Prudential Hong Kong is committed to its business credo of “Always Listening. Always Understanding” to help Hong Kong people lead financially secure lives. Its comprehensive range of financial services and products include individual life, general insurance, employee benefits, investment and wealth management products.
Prudential Hong Kong has a strategic partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, as well as a joint venture with the Bank of China International to provide Hong Kong people with a wide range of bancassurance, MPF and pension funds management services.
Quality Healthcare
Winner for Category
Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited is a physician led provider group offering an integrated range of healthcare services including facilities management, third party plan administration and paramedical support. The Group provides care for our private and corporate contract patients through a network of more than 580 Western and Chinese medical centres, and 47 dental and physiotherapy centres. In 2011, our network recorded more than 2.8 million healthcare visits. We also operate Hong Kong’s longest-established nursing agency and one of our medical practices has been serving Hong Kong people for over 140 years.
In 2010, Quality HealthCare became a member of Fortis Global Healthcare, pan-Asian’s largest healthcare group, with footprints covering over 12 countries in the region. Fortis Global Healthcare is committed to providing premier patient-centric healthcare across Asia and Australia, spanning the healthcare spectrum, from hospitals to diagnostics, primary care, and other healthcare segments.
24-hour Hotline: 8301 8301
Queen Mary
Winner for Category
QMThe Hospital began operation in 1937, and it is now a regional acute hospital as well as the teaching hospital for the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong. Besides offering a comprehensive range of high-quality healthcare services to the community, it aims to capitalise on the combined expertise and research of the Hospital Authority and University to provide special tertiary and quaternary care and an appropriate environment, staff and facilities for educating, training and developing healthcare professionals and facilitating education and research.
It also serves as a territory-wide tertiary and quaternary referral centre for many complex and advanced services, including organ and bone marrow transplants, neonatal intensive care, paediatric surgery, assisted reproduction, coronary care, oral maxillo-facial surgery, burns and reconstructive surgery and neurosurgery. Besides, it is the designated liver transplant centre in Hong Kong since July 2003 providing world-class standard liver transplant service. Since the relocation of cardiothoracic surgical and associated services from Grantham Hospital to Queen Mary Hospital in July 2008, the Hospital has also become the only heart, heart lung transplant and paediatric cardiac surgery centre in Hong Kong.
Queen Mary Hospital has been upholding the following principles to serve the community:
· To provide quality patient-centred service to the community in an effective and efficient manner by optimum utilization of available resources, through the concerted efforts of satisfying patients’ needs, facilitating staff’s motivation, and inviting public participation;
· To capitalize on the expertise that the integrated Hospital Authority (HA) and University healthcare professionals have established in an effort to provide special tertiary and quaternary care to the community;
· To provide appropriate environment, staff and facilities for the education, training and development of nurses, allied health workers, medical and dental undergraduates and post-graduates; and
· To facilitate education and research in healthcare conducted by and in association with the Medical and Dental Faculties of HKU.
Winner for Category
Samsung pushes the boundaries of Home entertainment with the new generation of Smart TVs. The new Smart TVs’ innovative functionalities include Smart Interaction - voice & motion control, exceptional content and exclusive upgrades, creating a brand new era of family entertainment and offering consumers to experience the Future of Smart TV, NOW.
Winner for Category
Sea horseFounded in 1987 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Seven Sea Chemicals Group is engaged in the production, wholesale and retail of mattresses, pillows, bedding, sofas and furniture. It has a worldwide business network covering Hong Kong, PRC, Macau, Singapore, Canada, UK, Australia and Malaysia.
Sea Horse is a household brand name with its mattresses and pillows being the best sellers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau. Its mattresses have ranked No.1 in Hong Kong for 23 consecutive years in terms of sales volume. Many 5-star hotels, public organizations, hospitals, government departments, university dormitories and age care centers patronize Sea Horse mattresses and pillows, signifying the superior quality and professional image of Sea Horse being recognized in all circles of the society.
By efforts of advanced technology and restless innovation, Sea Horse has won numerous recognitions, including the “Consumer Product Design Award” of Hong Kong Awards for Industries in 1992 and 1993, “Marketing Excellence Award” by the Hong Kong Management Association and Television Broadcasts Limited in 1993 and the “Hong Kong Top Ten Brands Award” in 2002. During 2008 to 2009, Sea Horse attained “ISO 9001” accreditation and was conferred the “Greater China Super Brands Award 2008” by East Week, “Brand Original from Hong Kong 2008” by Capital Entrepreneur, “Judging Panel Award 2008” and “Most Potential Enterprise Award 2009” of Hong Kong Proud Corporate Brand by Ming Pao. Besides, Sea Horse was awarded the “2011 Hong Kong Trusted Brand Gold Award” by “Reader’s Digest”, “Hong Kong SuperBrands Award” in 2010/11, “2009 Hong Kong Premier Brand” by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council and “Hong Kong Top Brand Ten-year Achievement Award 2011”. All these awards are testimonies to the outstanding status of Sea Horse as a market leader and a well-received brand.
In the future, Sea Horse will spare no efforts to pursue excellence and continue to excel in the industry.
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SEIKO was founded in 1881, with K. Hattori & Co., Ltd as the predecessor of today's SEIKO HOLDINGS CORPORATION, established by Mr. Kintaro Hattori.
SEIKO has been “dedicated to perfection” and its product development is based on the Japanese’s philosophy of continuous innovation and refinement. Its technological development is focused on the creation of emotional technologies that create the interaction between the wearer and the product. For over 130 years, SEIKO has been contributing to the world with advanced watch making technology, including the invention of the world's first quartz watch, “SEIKO Quartz Astron” in 1969, world’s first Kinetic Watch in 1988.
This year, SEIKO introduced the world’s first watch that can receive GPS signals and identify time zone and time data using the global network of GPS satellites. It recognizes 39 time zones on earth. This breakthrough timepiece is called SEIKO ASTRON. The new SEIKO ASTRON is solar powered, so never needs a battery change, and it also has a perpetual calendar, so the date will always be as accurate as the time.
SEIKO has also been dedicated to developing its brand image and interacting with its customers. The SEIKO Boutique in Tsim Sha Tsui has been serving Hong Kong customers and tourists for years. It has been showing the brand’s story to people, developing SEIKO’s brand image in an interactive way with the customers. This year, SEIKO is proud to open three new boutiques in the New Territories of Hong Kong, which are located in Tseung Kwan O, Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan, with the purpose of reaching out to more customers in the area. The boutiques enable the public to know about SEIKO’s story in a more comprehensive way. The SEIKO Boutiques’ black and white simplistic interior highlights the ingenuity and modernity of SEIKO watches.
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Simmons bedFounded in 1870, mattress expert Simmons® has been researching the way people sleep in order to make the world’s finest mattresses. And a prime example of this is the Simmons® Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil Mattress which changed the sleep history of people ever since. The patented pocketed coils are made of high carbon steel wire, pre-compressed and individually inserted into fabric pockets for protection, making for free and noiseless movement. They also fit your body shape delivering support where you need it – as well as an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep.
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Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) was publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972, and became a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index in 1978. Its solid foundations and innovative vision have made it one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong.
SHKP’s core business is the development of properties for sale and investment, including residential projects, offices and shopping malls. It also has complementary operations in property-related fields including hotels and property management, plus investments in telecommunications, information technology, transportation, infrastructure, logistics, toll roads, franchised bus operations, car parking and business aviation.
The Group's seasoned management team follows prudent strategies for long-term business development and the company’s philosophy includes a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, both to its customers and to the public. The Group works for the benefit of the community with wide-ranging initiatives to protect the environment, care for the less fortunate and foster educational development.
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towngasSince the launch of TGC appliance brand by Towngas in 2000, the diversified range of quality gas appliances are highly received by customers. In 2012, TGC is honored to win the Platinum Award of Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Survey again in 2 consecutive years, in the category of ‘Kitchen Cooking Appliances’ in Hong Kong. TGC, being awarded with Platinum Trusted Brand Award, further ascertains the wide recognition and trustworthiness by customers and isthe best brand choice of quality cooking appliances in Hong Kong.
Being the pioneer of household appliances industry, TGC continuously develops new innovative products to enhance the quality living of customers. TGC is the first brand to launch: Intelligent Superbowl with timer function, Superslim temperature-modulated water heater, dryer with humidity sensor, range hood with fuzzy logic, Superbowl built-in hob and built-in hob with timer function.
“The Green Choice”, which is the slogan of TGC, shows that TGC appliances are ideally ‘green appliances’ for customers to lead an eco-friendly and low carbon living. In 2011, TGC launched a series of built-in hobs with timer function, which made cooking ever more convenient. For Lotus Flame Built-in Hob, 20% of cooking energy can be saved when compared with old Towngas appliance models. This hob is easy-to-clean with sealed burner design and ceramic glass surface.
To celebrate the Towngas 150th Anniversary in 2012, TGC has launched a special edition appliance named “Perfecto Series” (means ‘Perfect Series’) which includes Vortex Built-in Hob & Infinity Water Heater. For Vortex Built-in Hob, its unique vortex shape cast stainless steel pan support and pop up digital display control panel show the perfect combination of style and innovation. For Infinity Water Heater, it has the novel panel design with innovative material “Polycarbonate” and LED temperature selection display while delivering a sleek design to best fit a stylish bathroom.
TGC will continue to strive forproduct innovation and quality appliance product to pamper the needs of customers together withsuperior after-sale services which make TGC a customers’ most trusted brand.
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Vita Green was established in 1993 and has over 400 staffs with two pharmaceutical factories, 6 overseas offices, 25 specialty shops and more than 20 consignment counters that spread over Hong Kong. Vita Green has become the most reputed and assuring brand in the minds of the Hong Kong population, and remained the market leader in Hong Kong. Vita Green Lingzhi, the first product launch and still the most popular in the Vita Green line-up, remains a No.1 bestseller in Hong Kong for consecutive 9 years. Vita Green is meticulous about the quality of every single product. Even small details like the solubility and hardness of each capsule come under the scrutiny of our quality control team, bringing health, youth and joy to a wider public.
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Yew ChungFounded in 1932, Yew Chung has been providing quality bilingual education to the learners of Hong Kong for 80 years. Originally specialising in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Yew Chung International School (YCIS) now provides education from early childhood through primary and secondary culminating in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.
Global Education in YCIS
YCIS offers the unique richness and diversity of both Eastern and Western cultures that equip children to be bilingual, global-minded, competitive, appreciative and caring global citizens. Students are nurtured in a multicultural environment with a fully rounded and balanced education which transforms them into global thinking individuals.
Integrating East and West
YCIS combines the best of Eastern and Western cultures by promoting fluency in two major world languages, creating a truly bilingual learning environment, providing courses of study in Eastern and Western philosophy.
The integration of Eastern and Western culture is also achieved through the Co-Principals and Co-Teaching models. Two Co-Principals, one Western and one Chinese, serve as partners in the operations and administration of the school. In addition, two fully-qualified teachers, one Western and one Chinese, together plan lessons and conduct classes in the ECE and Primary School, and provide excellent role models who respect and value one another’s culture.
Highlight of YCIS Global Education
➢ Bilingual programme and multicultural environment will give your child the global mindset and intercultural competence they need for the 21st century.
➢ Unique Co-Teaching and Co-Principals models help students to learn two cultures and give equal emphasis to both English and Chinese. This leads to fluency in two major world languages and readiness to interact with people from all over the world.
➢ YCIS integrates Character Formation programmes into our curriculum, focusing on developing positive qualities and good moral character.
➢ Strong music programme enhances children’s reasoning skills, develops patience, concentration, coordination and self-discipline.
➢ English Intensive Programme (EIP) ensures high level of English for all students, from all linguistic backgrounds.
➢ YCIS maintains 100% university placement with students admitted to top universities in Hong Kong and overseas.
Address: 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Tel: 2338 7106 Fax: 2304 6713


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