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April 2013

18/4/2013 How to draw people

Clear instructional video on how to get dimensions right in order to sketch life-like people.

11/4/2013 B-Girl Terra

Meet pint-sized breakdancing sensation B-Girl Terra. A 6 year old with preternaturally amazing moves.
March 2013

29/3/2013 Girl with cat on treadmill

Here's one way to keep your pets fit...

22/3/2013The habits of happiness.

Biochemist turned Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard explains how to train your mind to achieve a sense of serenity

15/3/2013 DJ Whiskers

A funky feline shows off it's questionable mixing skills with some Bob Marley tracks.

8/3/2013 Nice moments captured on CCTV

February 2013

28/1/2013 What fear can teach us

Novelist Karen Thompson Walker explains what fear can teach us. How it can spur our imagination and help us consider possible futures scenarios.

21/2/2013 Great acceptance speeches

50 great moments from acceptance speeches from U.S awards ceremonies including the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the Emmys and MTV awards.

14/2/2013 Don't regret regret

Kathryn Schulz on what we can learn from our mistakes.

7/2/2013 The legend of Nian

Animation explaining the Chinese legend of the monster Nian, the story behind many Chinese New Year traditions.
January 2013

31/1/2013 The benefits of doing nothing

Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe explains the transformative power of just doing nothing for 10 minutes.

18/1/2013 Shocked squirrel

In this funny clip from David Attenborough's 'Africa' a squirrel reacts in shock to the sight of a leopard.

11/1/2013 Dog imitates baby

A dog attempts to mimic the sounds of it's young friend.

3/1/2013 Barack Obama speaks to his campaign team

President Obama breaks down in tears as he thanks his campaign staff after his re-election.
December 2012

14/12/2012 Funniest YouTube moments 2012

A compilation of some of the funniest YouTube videos of this year. Warning, this video contains some coarse language, many injuries, and general stupidity.

7/12/2012 People are amazing 2012

See some of the amazing feats people have accomplished in 2012.
November 2012

23/11/2012 Echidna puugle

Meet a new addition to Sydney's Taronga zoo - an adorable echidna puggle that was only 30 days old when it was brought in.

2/11/2012 Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy devastated large areas of the US east coast. This footage from the National Guard gives an aerial view of the destruction along the New Jersey coast line.
October 2012

26/10/2012 Meghalaya's living bridges

In Meghalaya, India people create 'living bridges' out of tree roots. These bridges last hundreds of years and are resistant to flooding in the monsoon period. These amazing structures are featured in the November issue of Reader's Digest magazine.

19/10/2012 Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking skydive

Austrian skydiving expert Felix Baumgartner flew to an altitude of 39 045 metres in a helium balloon to complete this amazing skydive from the edge of space. Felix reached a maximum of speed of 1 342.8 km/h

12/10/2012 Talking parrot Einstein

Talking Parrot Einstein This parrot can make funny and other animal sounds as requested by the owner.

5/10/2012 Gangnam style

If you haven't seen Korean pop star PSY's 'Gangnam Style' yet, you may be the only one. With over 350 million views on YouTube, this hilarious music clip has spawned multiple YouTube parodies, and inspired much horse-dancing.
September 2012

28/9/2012 How to make mooncakes

How to make traditional Chinese mooncakes. Mooncakes are eaten during the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, also sometimes called the Mooncake Festival. This popular festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar and celebrates the moon and the abundance of harvest.

21/9/2012 Carp attack

Carp attack: these lucky fishermen take a trip down a river that's so overcrowded with fish, they are literally jumping into their boat.

14/9/2012 Amazing Tron dance

The Wrecking Crew Orchestra are a Japanese dance troupe. Here they don LED suits to perform an amazing 'Tron' dance - disappearing and reappearing all across the stage.

7/9/2012 Make your own play dough

Be a hero to your kids by making your own play dough! This easy-to-follow video shows how to make play dough out of simple kitchen ingredients, including how to use food dyes to produce an array of colours.
August 2012

31/8/2012 Epic frog

Epic frog. Slow motion camerawork and a suspenseful soundtrack help to demonstrate the intensely dramatic nature of a frog's life.

24/8/2012 Blind dog rescue

In this touching video a blind dog found living in a trash pile is rescued and given a second chance at life.

17/8/2012 Sound waves on fire

Ruben’s tube is a classic way to demonstrate the concept of a standing wave. The classic physics experiment involves sound, a tube of propane and fire. He pushes through the tube 449 Hz then higher frequencies, then some jazz and then some rock. This is real life sound visualization.

10/8/2012 First Saudi Arabian female Olympians

Judo athlete Wojdan Shahrkhani and 800-meter runner Sarah Attar were the first females to ever represent Saudi Arabia in the summer games. Although neither won medals in their events, it represented a major win for women's rights.

3/8/2012 Prepare corn on the cob

Let Ken teach you how to prepare fresh corn on the cob without those pesky corn silks. With 76 million views (and growing! ) on YouTube, this handy how-to video has gone viral around the globe.
July 2012

27/7/2012 World's fastest everything

Fastest gun shooter, fastest cup stacker, fastest clapper, fastest 100m race, fastest undressing, fastest soccer goal, fastest stamper, fastest rubik's cube solver, fastest pizza maker, and more

20/7/2012 Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt won three gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. The Jaimaican became the first man in Olympic history to win both the 100m and 200m races in World Record times. He has broken 6 world records so far, and is regarded as one of the greatest sprinters in history. Here are his world record races recorded by CBS Sports, NBC Olympics, and Universal Sports

13/7/2012 Games wizard lizard 

Think you're good at games on your phone or tablet? Check out this amazing lizard playing a bug game on an iPad. According to, tablets are projected to surpass notebooks by 2016 - will you buy one for your pet?

6/7/2012 Lego Sydney Harbour

Love Lego? You can now whittle away the hours building elaborate Lego structures and cities right on your computer. Watch the Sydney Opera House being created above, then check out and start your own virtual Lego creation.
June 2012

29/6/2012 Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performing "Call Me Maybe"

Many of today's pop hits have spawned internet memes involving video parodies and covers. With versions created by everyone from celebrities (Justin Bieber) to school students. "Call Me Maybe" by Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen is one of the most recent and widespread. Check out Jepsen, TV host Jimmy Fallon and The Roots rocking their own version.

22/6/2012 5 year old painting prodigy Aelita Andre

Short film showcasing the work of 5 year old painting prodigy Aelita Andre as she prepares for an upcoming solo exhibition. Her colourful abstract paintings demonstrate skill well beyond her age.

8/6/2012 Evolution of dance

In one of the all-time classic YouTube clips, comedian Judson Laipply goes through the evolution of dance

1/6/2012 The best medicine: A lesson about love for everyone

Each time the Breinholts want to see their daughter, they travel 30 minutes to the Blythedale Chldren's Hospital.
May 2012

25/5/2012 Frog sitting on a bench like a human

The title says it all. But this frog really does appear to be contemplating life quite deeply...

18/5/2012 Contrex commercial

In this clever French advertising campaign from Contrex a group of people get some unusual motivation to exercise...

11/5/2012 Alain Roberts - the real-life Spiderman

Like a real-life Spiderman, Frenchman Alain Roberts scales huge structures, sometimes using just his bare hands and climbing shoes. Here he climbs a 150 metre tall skyscraper in Abu Dhabi in under 20 minutes.

4/5/2012Star Wars Imperial March theme performed by two floppy disk drives

May 4 is sometimes referred to as Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you). Watch the Star Wars Imperial March theme performed by two floppy disk drives.

27/4/2012Danny MacAskill's incredible BMX tricks

BMX legend Danny MacAskill performs some amazing stunts around Edinburgh. These tricks have to be seen to be believed.

20/4/2012 chimpanzee riding on a segway

Japanese TV footage of a chimpanzee riding a segway. After some initial stumbles, this clever chimp is soon riding in style.

13/4/2012 David Belle is the founder of Parkour

- a French discipline involving overcoming any physical object in your path. His death-defying feats of physical agility have found him acting and stunt work in numerous films. Here he shows off his Parkour skills on the streets of Paris.

6/4/2012 Kiwi

Watch the wonderful animation 'Kiwi!'. - about a kiwi who creates a very original and unusual way to fly

30/3/2012 Surprise your friends and family with homemade Easter eggs

Learn how with this easy-to-follow video from award-winning chocolatier, Marc Demarquette

23/3/2012 How to make a sugar & spice body scrub

Tips on how to make a sugar & spice body scrub using organic ingredients.

16/3/2012 St Patrick's Day Flashmob in Sydney by Tourism Ireland

Witness a spontaneous outbreak of St. Patrick's Day cheer as an Irish-dancing flashmob takes over Sydney's Central Station.

9/3/2012 Super Fast Spray Paint Artist

Working at dizzying speeds, this artist creates a complex lunar image with a few spray-paints and shapes in less than a minute.

2/3/2012 Monty Python - The silly walk

Classic comedy from Monty Python. Check out more cool Monty Python videos at their Youtube channel.

24/2/2012 Skateboarding Dog

Does your dog do something extraordinary? What this amazing clip of Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog, and then visit our Facebook page to share your amazing pet stories. 

17/2/2012 Fastest Violin Player - Guinness World Record

David Garrett of Germany becomes the world’s fastest violin player by playing ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ in 1 min 5.26 seconds on German TV.

10/2/2012 The Tiger Chinese New Year Shuffle

The Tiger Chinese New Year Shuffle. A traditional performance with a very modern twist...

3/2/2012 Funny Talking Animals

Walk on the Wild Side (BBC, talking animals)

27/1/2012 Halo the pool playing dog

The game of billiards was developed as an indoor version of croquet centuries ago, and the green felt used on the tables represents the lawn it was played on. Would dogs have played pool alongside European royalty in the 14th century? Watch Halo, the pool playing dog now!

20/1/2012 How to turn "water" into marbles

People have been playing marbles for thousands of years. Variations on these small balls have even been found amongst Egyptian tombs. This video shows how "water"can turn into marbles.

13/1/2012 10 Tips for Airline Travel with Baby

Follow these ten helpful tips for travelling with a baby.

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