Designing a wall photo display

 To hang a collection of pictures measure up and mark their positions before securing fasteners to the wall.

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 CUT PAPER TEMPLATES of the pictures and arrange them on the wall using masking tape.
Use a laser level to align the tops, marking the top centre of each with a sticky note.
Measure down from the top of each picture frame to the stretched hanging wire on the back. Mark this distance down from each sticky note to secure the picture hooks.
POSITION FRAMES ON THE FLOOR face down in front of the hanging wall then sketch a diagram to help reproduce the layout on the wall.
Measure the distance from the adjacent wall to the centre of each picture, adding these to the sketch.
Then measure the distance from the hanging wall to the hanging point of each picture, using this to determine the vertical distance between the pictures and the ceiling.
Transfer the picture positions to the wall, marking the points where the first and second measurements for each intersect then secure the hanging hardware.
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