Dream Come True

Two loyal magazine subscribers are big winners

Mr & Mrs Lee
"It feels like a dream!" Mrs V Lee's S$150,000 win will go towards the kids' education

When Mrs M L Lee took the call from Reader's Digest with the exciting news that she had just won S$150,000, she was stunned. The stay-at-home mum couldn't believe her good fortune so she clicked onto rdasia.com to confirm her name was listed as a winner. It was. And that's when the good news finally hit home. "It feels like a dream!" says Lee, and her husband, Lye Chong Boon, agrees.

The couple began their Reader's Digest magazine subscription nine years ago for the benefit of their two children, who are now 18 and 20. And Lee had been entering the prize giveaways ever since. "It's easy to do," she says.

The couple are saving the bulk of the prize money to pay for their kids' education and have made a donation to an old folks' home. They are both keen fans of Korean TV dramas so, for fun, are now planning a trip to South Korea as their annual family getaway.

"My husband used to tease whenever he saw me filling up the contest forms, but after our win, he's the one urging me to fill them in quicker," Lee says, with a laugh.

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