It's on the house

These loyal magazine subscribers strike it lucky in our prize draw

Mr & Mrs Sharil
"This is the first time we've won a big prize - we're very happy!"Dr and Mrs Sharil will use their winnings on an investment property

Physician Dr Sharil Bin C M never used to think of himself as lucky. But that changed when he nabbed a Premier Prize of S$25,000 in a recent Reader's Digest Sweepstakes Contest.

The doctor and his wife, Madam Zahurin, are longtime subscribers to Reader's Digest and she's been reading the magazine since childhood, as her grandfather was a subscriber too. In fact, when her husband considered giving up their subscription when they got married, she strongly objected. "I said no because I love the articles," says the retired schoolteacher. "The dramas are so touching that I can't put down the magazine and want to keep reading."

The couple are avid travellers and their last trip to Spain was a big affair that involved 14 family members. They're contemplating a holiday in Portugal and Morocco next.

As for their prize, the practical doctor is planning to use it as a down payment on a small shop house they've been eyeing. "It's so I can always remember that Reader's Digest has contributed to it," Dr Sharil says.

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