I lost seven kilograms and transformed my health

 I lost seven kilograms and transformed my health
Courtesy Oskar Fridman

“As a result of being a workaholic and too attached to screens, I’ve been overlooking my health and wellness for years,” says Oskar Fridman, an entrepreneur in Hong Kong. About a month ago he finally decided to take a much-needed vacation and booked a short retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. However, one day before he was due to fly home, Thailand banned all flights and put the country on complete lockdown. “At first I was upset, it was such bad timing! But then a fellow traveller told me about a nearby retreat and I realised I should see this as a good thing, an opportunity to change,” he says. “It’s been three weeks that I’ve been in Vikasa Yoga Retreat, in quarantine. And I am the happiest person in the world! My gout condition has stopped bothering me, I have lost seven kilos, I addressed my nutrition, and I am much more positive.” The best part, he says, is that he’s found ways to adjust his business and work so he can maintain his new healthy lifestyle.

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