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Turning dreams into reality
Turning dreams into reality

Today more than ever, people are enabled to travel, almost anywhere, at almost any time. What is it that attracts us to embark on holidays and seek experiences outside of what’s available locally? Why do we invest our precious time and hard-earned financial resources, leave our homes, and journey across the globe?

Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar’s CEO, believes that travel is a vital element of the human experience.

“It’s the introduction to new places and stimulation from meeting new people that is energising. With each moment of discovery, your world opens wider and your life changes forever,” he says.

“There is one constant for all of us: once the travel bug bites, there is no cure.”

But where do you start when turning these dreams into reality?

Based on an independently commissioned research study last year, Trafalgar found that 89% of consumers are overwhelmed by the abundance of choice they have when it comes to travel decision-making. With an overwhelming amount of travel resources available – the internet, newspapers, social media, magazines, books, television and word of mouth, it’s no wonder that trying to bring your travel dreams to life can turn into a stressful and time consuming exercise, and one that is easy to give up on.

In this environment of complexity, this is precisely why the services of a professional travel consultant, who can help navigate the journey, has become more valuable than ever.

But how do you even know which one to choose? Skill levels vary, as do areas of expertise and it’s quite likely that your travel inspiration and actual travel desires may not align. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to find an expert in travel who knows the world, is passionate about travel, and understands your needs.

“Nowhere in the travel world is there any debate around the relevance and value today of travel agents,” Tollman continues. “The secret to finding a holiday that meets your needs is finding a travel agent who truly understands who you are, what you need and dream of in a holiday, and how to get you there. Literally.”

“A good travel agent takes the time and trouble to listen to what you want (and don’t want), makes thoughtful and relevant suggestions that reflect your holiday aspirations in all ways, adjusts to ensure that the holiday is a genuine ‘fit’, and makes it happen according to your defined resources of time and money,” Tollman concludes.

“At the heart of a good travel agent experience is simply this: They do the work, all you do is dream, pack and go. “

Tollman gives his four-step fit for finding the right agent for your travels:


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