European Burmese

European Burmese

Keiger says the European Burmese has the same big, loving personality as its American cousin – just in a slightly different package. Appearance-wise, the body of the European Burmese is slightly longer with soft curves, as opposed to the American breed, which is more well-rounded. Plus, the introduction of the red gene gives the European Burmese a wider variety of colours than its cousin. Both types of Burmese, however, are lovers and snugglers who want nothing more than to be your adoring companions.



What you lack in social skills, the Tonkinese has in spades. “This cousin of the Burmese has an incredibly outgoing personality, with as much love for their family as visitors,” says Keiger. “They’ll bring the party to the house and serve the snacks. Later on, they’ll curl up with you and tell you all about the day.” Just don’t leave them alone too long or they could get into mischief. They despise being ignored, according to the CFA, and prefer the company of other cats and cat-friendly dogs.

Aside from being ignored, find out more truths about cats and dogs.



You’ll never hear, “She’s just not that into you,” from someone who has a Ragdoll cat. Female – and male – Ragdolls tend to be more interested in their humans than some other breeds of cats. The mutual fondness goes both ways. It’s easy to get lost in their intoxicating blue eyes and glorious fluffy coat. Underneath that fluffy coat is a hefty cat: males weigh up to 10kg. “They’re a large cat, so while they might not prefer to be on top of you, they certainly really want to be with their people,” says Keiger.

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