Most People Can Not Spot the Snake in this Photo – Can You?
Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

Some people find snakes just about the most frightening thing in the world. The only thing worse than a snake you can see is a snake you can’t see, however. And thanks to Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, you can experience the latter horror from the comfort of literally anywhere else besides the place where that snake is.

The reptilian removal and relocation service based in Queensland posted a challenge to its 51,000 some-odd Facebook fans to find the snake in the photo below:

Can you spot the snake?
Image by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

Any luck? This particular backyard seems like a regular I Spy book for snakes, so it’s understandable if you’re still squinting. As the snake-catching company revealed a day after the original post, the snake is actually in the top right corner, chilling in the ivy in the crook between the two fences. Here, look closer:

There's the snake!
Image by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

Fear of snakes is called “Ophidiophobia,” or “being a rational person.” This fun little puzzle proves to just be further evidence that Australia is a horrifyingly dangerous place where everything is trying to eat you!

[Source: Mental Floss]

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