20. You don’t have the right motivation

20. You don’t have the right motivation
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Although most people who hope to lose weight want to look thinner, that’s likely not a strong enough motivation to keep you going long-term – neither is guilt or caring what others think.

Inner motivations like wanting to live a longer life, be more active with your kids, or achieve a goal like running a marathon or hiking a strenuous trail may help you stick to healthier habits.

“Successfully improving your diet is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix,” Palinski-Wade says.

“If your only objective is to hit a certain number on the scale, your motivation will wane when you are no longer attempting to lose weight.”

In addition, make sure your expectations are realistic – one study showed that women who used pictures of thin models as motivation had less success losing weight.

“Making small, simple changes you can stick with for life is the best way to lose weight and improve health long-term,” Palinski-Wade says.

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Source: RD.com


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