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Dropping the dad bod
Dropping the dad bod
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Having spent half his life as a professional wrestler, the transition to fatherhood was no sweat for New Jersey native Robbie E (real name Rob Strauss)—even if it meant having twins.

“I decided that no matter what, I was going to make it work,” says the dad of 11-month-old Cash and Carter, who’s taking that promise to the next level with his new role as the “Dad Bod Destroyer” for Canadian Muscle & Fitness.

The weekly online video series stars Robbie E (as well as Cash and Carter) in a series of at-home workouts geared towards fathers who are finding it hard to find time for physical fitness.

“A lot of dads end up making excuses,” Robbie E says.

“The free time that they have, they want to dedicate to their children instead of working out. That’s why I’m combining the two.”

Here’s Robbie E’s best advice for new fathers who aren’t willing to settle for life with a “dad bod.”


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