Often the first things to pop into your mind right after thinking about exercices are the excuses you can kid yourself into believing are valid reasons for NOT exercising.

Here are the top three, and how to work your way past them.

“I’m too busy to work out”

“I’m too busy to work out”

Angela Marshall, a life and weight-loss coach, says this excuse is easy to overcome.

You just have to examine it from anew perspective.

“If someone offered you $100,000 to commit to exercise, would you do it?” she asks.

“If you said yes, then you can fit it in – you’ve just chosen not to.”

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to complete hour-long workout sessions each day to reap healthy benefits.

Ten-minute bursts of walking, stair climbing or squats performed several times a week can help you sleep more soundly and feel better.


“I can’t afford a gym or personal trainer”

“I can’t afford a gym or personal trainer”

“There are free and low-cost options,” says fitness trainer Lisa Workman.

Borrow workout DVDs from your local library, watch videos on YouTube, or take up walking or running for fitness – all you really need for those is a pair of shoes.

And if your heart is set on a personal trainer, pool your finances with friends and hire one as a group.

“I try exercising, but my weight won’t budge”

“I try exercising, but my weight won’t budge”

Losing weight should not be your exercise goal.

In most cases, relying on exercise to shed kilos is a losing battle unless you are laso committed to a healthy restricted-kilojoule diet.

Instead, concentrate on the benefits that exercise delivers, such as improved blood pressure, increased staminaand alower risk of diabetes.

You’ll have a toned body, and the more muscle mass you have, the faster you’ll burn kilojoules – and those endorphins will make you feel great.

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