These animal behaviour experts know which animals won’t pair up and how to help the ones that can live peacefully in your animal kingdom.

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1. Predator-prey relationships
1. Predator-prey relationships

Caring for the goldfish your kid won at the school carnival is fairly easy unless you have a curious cat waiting with a jar of tarter sauce nearby.

It’s not the cat’s fault.

But you should definitely keep natural instincts in mind before pairing up different species of pets.

‘Typically, in pairing we commonly stress predator-prey relationships in multi-species pairings. However, this is not always a factor,’ states Brian W. Ogle, assistant professor and program coordinator, Anthrozoology at Beacon College Leesburg, Florida.

‘Early exposure during an animal’s critical development period can greatly impact their ability to socialize.’

For example, Dr. Ogle has two cats that live harmoniously with a rabbit.

‘This is only successful because my cats were exposed to rabbits as kittens and have grown up with them. Reinforcement of positive behaviors were critical.’


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