This classic seafood soup is ideal for a special first course. A last–minute addition of chopped red capsicum brings a delightful flourish of flavour, texture and extra vitamins instead of [...]
Here full–flavoured pork sausages, a generous portion of vegetables and tender macaroni simmer together in a red wine sauce, to make a delicious, hearty, healthy one–pot meal. Buy [...]
Middle Eastern spices flavour this low–fat vegetarian casserole, which is full of vegetables and other fibre–rich ingredients. It is a great recipe for a cook–ahead meal as the [...]
Stuffed vine leaves are popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries and there are many traditional recipes. This one is based on a classic Greek filling of lamb and rice but with added [...]
This easy recipe is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. Red capsicum, corn and a sprinkling of fresh greens bring colour and texture to a simple chicken soup base, and adding a little sherry [...]
Pumpkin blends to a richly coloured, ultra–smooth soup, here enhanced by the wonderful flavour of rosemary. Crunchy hazelnut, pumpkin and rosemary muffins complement the soup perfectly. The [...]
Full of tender lamb cubes, deliciously nutty pearl barley and chunky vegetables, this substantial soup is really a meal in a bowl. Savoury herb–scented scones are served as an [...]
This dish is dramatically different from old–fashioned liver casserole and a great choice for everyday healthy eating. It is bursting with flavour from the bacon, wholegrain mustard, [...]
Tender chicken rolls filled with a dried apricot stuffing are delicious served on a bed of orange–scented French–style lentils and colourful vegetables. The only accompaniment needed [...]
This velvety smooth soup owes its rich colour to a combination of lentils, parsnips and carrots. With dry sherry and a horseradish–flavoured cream adding to the flavour, it is a perfect [...]
This enticing curry is warmly spiced rather than fiery hot with chillies. Serve it with basmati rice, chapattis and a fresh tomato and cucumber chutney for a healthy Indian–style meal. It [...]
Not only is this refreshing soup perfect on sweltering summer days, it could also give you a vitamin boost in winter when you feel slightly under the weather. Made up of a variety of delicious [...]
Choose a perfectly ripe and sweet honeydew melon for this pretty soup. Serve the soup as a refreshing first course when the weather is hot, dressing up each bowlful with a swirl of berry [...]
Good stock provides the flavour base for this delicate broth. When homemade stock is not available, try one of the high–quality commercial stocks rather than a stock cube. The polenta [...]
An assortment of vegetables cooked in tomato juice and stock makes a simple, satisfying soup that tastes terrific. For this recipe you can take advantage of frozen vegetables, such as broccoli, [...]

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