You might be surprised to hear that even in the confined space of an airplane, thefts still do occur.

In a recent case reported out of Singapore, two men onboard a flight to Jakarta were apprehended after being suspected of stealing cash from fellow passengers mid-flight.

These cases are known as in-flight, or mid-flight thefts, and while airlines don’t advertising the fact, they’re not as rare as you may think.

The perpetrators are often part of criminal syndicates and they work in pairs or groups to keep from getting discovered.

While staying alert is important, there are also tips you can heed to ensure you don’t fall victim to such crimes.

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1. Keep cash and valuables close to you at all times
1. Keep cash and valuables close to you at all times

Keep your valuables such as cash, your ID and passport, and jewellery in a small bag that you can place under the seat in front of you.

Rest your feet on your bag to make sure no one gets close to it, and bring this bag with you whenever you leave your seat.

It takes just a few seconds for experienced thieves to swipe your bag so never give them the opportunity by leaving it unattended.


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