How to Make the Most of Your Cruise Holiday

1. Loyalty benefits Most cruise lines have advantage programmes to persuade customers to stick with them and it sometimes pays to stay loyal. Perks range from vouchers to priority boarding and upgrades.

2. Check the details Some cruises really are “all inclusive”, while others charge separately for items such as tips, drinks, port charges and excursions. Make a quick calculation of how much you want to budget each day.

3. Tailor your trip Most cruises offer a vast itinerary of entertainment, such as yoga classes, astrology sessions, wine tasting or amateur dramatics. This means you can choose a holiday that suits your interests, and if you’re travelling alone can also help you meet like-minded people.

4. Plan your time You’ll be crossing destinations off your list while cruising so don’t miss out when you dock. Plan ahead and know which are your “must see” places.

5. Make yourself heard Cruise ships are known to have the best customer service in the travel industry. So tell the staff if you don’t like your table at dinner or your cabin’s too close to the entertainment room. A quick word with a supervisor could make a world of difference to your trip.

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