Strategies to save money at airports

Book a first-class lounge It might sound counter-intuitive, but some airlines in certain countries allow you to pay for a first-class lounge without being a frequent flyer member or first-class traveller. Prices vary between airports, but for adults it’s usually around US$20 or under, US$15 or under for children, and free for infants. This covers the cost of a comfy room to wait in as well as food and drinks. If you were planning on eating at the airport anyway, this way could work out cheaper. Plus it keeps you away from the duty-free shops.

Book ahead for parking Turning up on the day to park will mean paying the maximum price. Instead, book in advance online.

Take an empty water bottle Fill it up at a water fountain in the airport – this will keep you hydrated without having to splash out on over-priced drinks. You can get collapsible water bottles that can be used over and again, and that pack neatly away if necessary for security screening.

Take advantage of airport discount codes Many airports have special offers and deals on products and meals, so remember to check the website of the airport you’re travelling from to see what’s available.

Orientate yourself If you’re going to a new airport, find out where everything is before you arrive. Look up your airport’s website and see what information they have about the buildings, shops, amenities and transport. Some airports run cheap or free shuttles in and out of town. The more prepared you are, the less likely you’ll need to spend money unnecessarily.

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