The Long and Winding Road


Safety Don’t wait until the last minute to have your car tuned up if you’re taking your own. Many a trip has been delayed or cancelled due to maintenance issues. If you haven’t already got roadside assistance, sign up with your insurer.

The right ride Is your vehicle ideal for your trip? For maximum convenience, find one to match your itinerary. Opt for a fuel-efficient car for longer trips or get an all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive if you’re planning to explore back roads.

Insurance If you already own a vehicle but are choosing to rent another for the trip, talk to your insurance provider about adding to your plan if you’re not already covered.


A road atlas You’ll probably bring a smartphone or GPS unit, but electronics can get lost or break down, and there are always some spots where you can’t get a signal. Road atlases never fail.

Stand-up comedy When road trips don’t go as planned, moments of levity are scarce. Funny CDs or podcasts from your favourite comedian will release tension.

Refreshers Wet wipes, travel-size deodorant and a small spritzer bottle full of water can bridge the gap until your next shower.

Sports equipment A Frisbee, skipping ropes or bocce balls will motivate you to take regular breaks and get your blood flowing.

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