Two Travel Trends to Watch Out For

1. Bagging a Cheap-as-Chips Airline Ticket

Think of this promotion as more playful than practical. In April 2015, Dutch low-cost airline Transavia released “SnackHolidays” packets of chips, gummy bears and cereal bars that doubled as a passenger ticket and boarding pass. The range was stocked at French supermarkets and cinemas and in vending machines on train platforms. All potential passengers had to do was decide between gummy sweets (Lisbon), potato chips (Barcelona) or a cereal bar (Dublin). Ranging in price from €30-40, the packets featured printed QR codes that booked the flight.

Definitely a novelty, but one we think deserves a round of applause for originality. And yes, there was a use-by date.

2. Mini Fashion Bars

For anyone who hates packing or has a habit of forgetting things – this could be for you. Visitors to the Banks Hotel in Antwerp now have something extra in their room. Each room is fitted with a Mini Fashion Bar, featuring casual easy-to-wear clothing from the French brand Pimkie. The mini bars are stocked with seasonal accessories, shoes and outfits to suit the guest’s age and size, as well as any preferred holiday activities. To ensure the right choices are waiting when they check in, guests are asked to contact the hotel’s dedicated fashion concierge before arriving in town.

So what’s the catch? Well, we couldn’t find any – apart from having to buy the clothes if you wear them. Plans are set to introduce the concept to the company’s hotels in Paris, London, Berlin and Milan.

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