You may find your teenagers parked in front of the computer or staring at their phones for long hours during weekends and school holidays.

Chances are, they’re playing a game called Fortnite, which, in the last six months, has taken the gaming world by storm.

Get to know the latest online gaming phenomenon.

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What’s the game about?
What’s the game about?

In this post-apocalyptic world, 98 per cent of the human population has been killed off, leaving behind zombie-like creatures.

You, one of the remaining 2 per cent, start the game by being dropped off a flying school bus onto an island where you have to scavenge for resources and weapons to defend yourself against other players.

In basic mode, you don’t get to choose your character, which can be of any gender or race.

There are 100 players in every match and the goal is to be the last person standing.

You can pair up or form teams if you want.

As the game progresses, the grounds get smaller so all remaining players are forced to eventually converge at a specific area to battle it out.


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