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I’m afraid my wedding day will turn into chaos
I’m afraid my wedding day will turn into chaos

Having “too many cooks in the kitchen” all issuing orders on your wedding day can lead to confusion and chaos.

If you’re not using a professional wedding planner, select a “weddingmarshal” – one person who’ll be in charge when the day comes.

Pick as your overseer a responsible friend or family member who will be at the wedding but who doesn’t have a specific duty or isn’t already deeply involved in the day.

Don’t choose the maid or matron of honor or the mother of the bride, as they already have enough to do. Give your wedding marshal a to-do list and specific instructions on how things should be done.

The marshal will make sure the flowers are in their proper spots, the chairs are set up in the right places, and all the caterers and helpers are where they need to be.

Make sure to work with your wedding marshal well ahead of the event, rather than just handing him or her a list on the morning of the wedding.


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