Upgrade the computer

Upgrade the computer

There are various remedies to speed up older computers, such as reverting to factory settings – but then again, you’ll lose all your information, unless you back it up or hire someone to do it. But you can only teach an old dog so many new tricks. If a computer is five or more years old, it may be so out of date that you will need to continually remedy problems. Most experts recommend that you replace computers once every five years. Especially if your computer uses outdated software; Tony Zaragoza, Intel Business Development Manager at PCM, Inc., claims that “PCs that use Windows 7, Windows XP, or anything older are more vulnerable to hackers, viruses and malware.” Newer PCs, ideally ones that use Windows 10, “are built more secure and up to date to combat today’s threats,” Zaragoza adds. “Besides being more secure, you will have the benefit of much better performance.”

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Source: RD.com


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