Reader's Digest Singapore Sampler 2022

48 100% voted by consumers. View all results at 24 th ANNIVERSARY 2022 TRUSTED BRANDS SPEC I AL SUPPLEMENT SōngHè ( ) GOLD RICE GOODNESS BEGETS GOODNESS is a catchphrase that is part of SōngHè’s DNA. By helping to maintain a sustainable food culture for future generations, SōngHè is building a healthier community. Established in 1990, SōngHè is a trusted homegrown brand that offers quality-assured rice products for ordinary Singaporeans. Driven by its mantra of ‘Good Man, Good Deeds, Good Rice’, SōngHè employees work diligently to ensure that supermarkets, hawker stalls, restaurants and homes in Singapore are well-stocked with quality cooking staples at all times. An integral part of SōngHè’s core values is looking at ways to spread kindness that instil noble living. By featuring kind acts in its promotional material, SōngHè spurs on the community to do good deeds. The brand also gives back to society by sharing goodwill whenever possible. This year, SōngHè will collaborate with organizations and schools to participate in its Crane-Folding Kindness Campaign and will donate 100g of rice grains to the needy for every crane folded. SōngHè has been a Trusted Brand in the Rice category since 2010.  Visit and Follow S ō ngHè: