Philippines Trusted Brands 2023

READER’S DIGEST 1. sanguine – (B) blood red. Smoke from bushfires can give the sun a sanguine hue, even thousands of kilometres away. 2. blanch – (A) become pale. Joe blanched with fear when he saw the snake. 3. ombré – (C) graduated in tone. Should I get ombré highlights in my hair or dye it all one colour? 4. alabaster – (A) white mineral. The museum has a large collection of statues carved from alabaster, a soft stone similar to marble. 5. variegated – (C) multicoloured. Margo’s variegated outfit raised eyebrows at her grandfather’s funeral. 6. brindle – (B) having dark streaks or spots. We adopted two puppies: Tiger is brindle and Pepsi is black. 7. cerulean – (A) sky blue. Known for its cerulean waters and white- sand beaches, the island is a top tourist destination. 8. monochromatic – (C) having one hue. The artist’s early work was gloomy and monochromatic, but her later canvases are bright and colourful. 9. imbue – (C) to tinge or dye deeply. The setting sun imbued the sky with streaks of fuchsia. 10. sepia – (A) brown. Rebecca uses a sepia Instagram filter to give her photos a nostalgic and warm look. 11. hoary – (C) grey with age. “I wasn’t always this hoary and wrinkled, you know!” Grandpa joked. 12. verdure – (A) greenery. The cottage is nestled in the valley, surrounded by the verdure of the forest. 13. flaxen – (B) pale yellow. Letting out a soft whinny, the stallion shook his flaxen mane. 14. celadon – (C) light green. Dr Porter’s office is decorated in soothing shades of celadon and teal. 15. tinge – (B) slight tint. The flower’s petals are usually white with a lilac tinge at the edges. Answers VOCABULARY RATINGS 5-8: Fair 9–12: Good 13–15: Word Power Wizard 26 April 2023