The Orocan brand name was coined in 1984, combining two words — ‘ORO’ and ‘CAN’. ORO is gold in the Spanish language, and signifies value or something precious. CAN, which is an English term for a container, refers to the company’s beginnings as a maker of pails and plastic drums.

Thus, the brand name literally means a gold container, which ensures customers that the brand focuses on providing value through its high-quality and durable products.

The brand has been around for almost 40 years, and it has prospered for so long because of the superior products that it continues to introduce to the market. The brand always makes certain that the current and evolving needs of both its existing loyal customers and new customers are kept in mind when developing new products.

The Orocan brand story is also one that seeks to engage in the lives of its customers. Families live best when they celebrate together and in the Philippines, families love nothing better than gathering to celebrate, share stories and, above all, eat. Whether you’re gathering at home, at your auntie’s or outside in the park, Orocan has a portable container that will keep your family’s favourite edible favourites cool, fresh and safe. With 40 years of guaranteeing food and drinks arrive at parties ready in the Orocan icebox to serve and enjoy, Orocan has earned a special place in the hearts of home cooks across the country.

But it’s not just at parties where Orocan earns its place. These durable, easy-to-carry portable food and drink storage containers are tough, so are great for camping and light-weight enough to take along to your favourite sporting events. Every week, from the sidelines of the basketball, baseball or football, spectators in the Philippines bring along their snacks and drinks confident in the knowledge that while they enjoy their sport, their lunch and drinks will stay cool and fresh. From keeping ice stored and ready if needed for first aid at sporting and school events, to family gatherings, Orocan is a trusted part of large gatherings in the Philippines.

Of course, Orocan’s trusted range of products is not limited to their iconic iceboxes – in every home and office across the Philippines, you’ll find many of Orocan’s colourful products. These range from the sturdy, waterproof multi-drawer range of Caha de Oro (‘Gold Box’) to large and small inside and outside trash cans, laundry racks, ricegards, washing basins, buckets and more. Every homeowner and workplace manager understands that when shopping for well-designed, durable storage, household and office containers, Orocan will have a product to suit their needs – they can be certain of it!

The brand has also built a reputation for producing excellent advertising campaigns that allow viewers to connect with the brand on a deeper level. It has helped Orocan nurture an emotional connection among its customers which in turn has built a strong brand loyalty.

As a long-time Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand winner for plasticware, Orocan is preferred and trusted over its competitors by Filipinos because of its commitment to excellence through producing items that are not only affordable and value for money, but enjoy a lasting quality. It is also continually developing innovative products that will make life better for consumers. And the good news is that many of the most popular products in Orocan’s range such as icebox coolers, pails and trash cans can now be viewed and purchased conveniently online via the brand’s Facebook shop.

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