novita’s all-new W10 water dispenser is compact, energy-efficient, ergonomic and comes in four muted colours, showcasing a 13cm slim and sleek design that harmoniously complements any household. The compact and tankless unit boasts an energy-efficient instant heating system, offering the option of HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant water or HydroPureTM Purified Energy water of your choice. With its selection of four instant temperatures and four water volume options, the W10 epitomizes simplicity, functionality, and curated aesthetics. This all-encompassing unit is an ideal choice, especially for new parents with demanding schedules.

Let us explore how you can get old rules redefined instantly!

  1. Extra Time with Loved Ones

Experience instant access to hot and ambient temperature water with novita’s W10. Its intuitive design offers 4 preset volumes, enabling effortless dispensing of your desired volume of 150 ml, 250 ml, 400 ml or 800 ml at just a touch of the button. With 4 instant temperature options ranging from ambient, 40°C, 70°C or 85°C, the W10 ensures optimal hydration customization, utmost satisfaction, and convenience.

  1. Excess Space in the Kitchen

This Korean-made unit features a clever tankless design, elegantly fitting within a 13cm width for seamless integration in any environment. Its versatility negates the need for multiple appliances, promoting a spacious kitchen. novita’s W10 offers a compact and efficient solution, elevating your kitchen’s functionality while maintaining an organized aesthetic.

  1. More Savings the Smart Way

The environmental and financial drawbacks of single-use plastic bottles emphasize the need for a sustainable and cost-effective substitute. By utilizing the advanced 6-stage HydroPlus®/HydroPureTM filtration system to transform tap water into Alkaline Antioxidant or Purified Energy water at a substantially lower cost. This eco-friendly approach enables a reduction of up to 2000 single-use plastic bottles annually, while providing cost savings of up to 75%.

  1. Quality Water to Rejoice with

Indulge in the refreshing options of Alkaline Antioxidant water through the HydroPlus® filter or Purified Energy water via the HydroPureTM filter. The HydroPlus® function not only promotes the body’s pH balance by neutralizing excess acidic waste but also provides antioxidant-rich hydrogen water, mitigating oxidation through combating free radicals. The HydroPureTM filter delivers purified water by efficiently removing heavy metal ions and ensuring pristine water quality for you and your loved ones!

  1. Energy Efficiency that Cut Carbon Emission

In pursuit of curbing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change, novita’s W10 model incorporates an instant heating system that promotes environmental sustainability and reduces electricity costs. This cutting-edge unit utilizes instant flow-through heating technology that heats up only what you need, offering an impressive 62% in energy savings compared to conventional electric air pots that consumes energy even when not in use.

  1. Smart Auto Maintenance

Experience impeccable hygiene through constant 24/7 UVC LED sanitization at the dispensing nozzle, effectively eradicating microorganisms and providing assurance. The W10 ensures freshness with an automatic water drainage system, clearing residual water from the pipes every 24 hours, guaranteeing a pristine water supply. For optimal functionality, the W10 features a filter replacement indicator that prompts timely replacement to ensure consistent efficiency, elevating your overall experience.

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with novita.

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