Since the start of the pandemic, many people have been looking for help to boost their general immunity, as well as to manage their health, weight and digestion. Among these aids are supplements such as 21st Century Healthcare’s comprehensive range of probiotics capsules (For Malaysia information, click here. For Singapore information, click here.)

These high-quality dietary supplements can help to colonise the human gut with ‘good’ microorganisms or bacteria to support body health and wellness, and maintain the health of the digestive system. Probiotics enhance the health of the microbiome (community of microorganisms) in the gut, restore the microbiome balance after illness or medical treatment, and promote a more healthy immune system. Best of all, probiotics offer extensive health benefits that is not limited to one age group.

Since launching onto the Singapore and Malaysian markets during the closing decade of the 20th century, some 30 years ago, the brand has had its eyes firmly fixed on the future.  Indeed, 21st Century’s founders were so inspired by the possibilities of pushing beyond the accepted norms of the day in delivering dietary and nutritional supplements, that they felt compelled to name the brand after the approaching new century. Their vision proved wise as the dawn of the new century witnessed rapid scientific innovation globally, as well as increased consumer interest in the benefits of dietary and nutritional supplements. True to form, today 21st Century Healthcare enjoys the position of being one of the largest international manufacturers of health supplement products.

21st Century has achieved this strong international position by employing advanced preservation techniques in the manufacture of its live probiotics. This means added convenience for customers, as well as the benefits that live probiotics offer the digestive system and overall health. With advanced formulation and packaging technology, these probiotics are protected from external heat and moisture, without the need for storage in the fridge. For this reason, 21st Century customers have long known that they can trust the quality and efficacy of the products in the company’s extensive digestive, weight management and immunity booster range.

Although the pandemic was a period of many economic and health challenges, 21st Century in both Malaysia and Singapore made sure it was there to help ease concerns of its customers through an increased online shopping presence and greater digital marketing. With health being top of the agenda, the brand’s range of supplements that help with boosting immunity, controlling weight management as well as easing digestive troubles proved popular with customers.

21st Century Healthcare, Inc is one of the largest international manufacturers of the highest quality vitamins and nutritional supplements in the USA. All products in the 21st Century range are shipped from the USA state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities directly to Singapore and Malaysia, ensuring customers receive only the highest quality and freshest product at affordable prices. This factory-to-consumer operation means the brand can eliminate the extra costs that other brands in their space incur through middlemen and third-party transactions. And the range of products offered by 21st Century covers the needs of all the members of a family – from the youngest children to grandparents and great-grandparents.

As a 21st century company in the health and wellbeing industry, 21st Century Healthcare is constantly launching new products that will benefit consumers seeking to improve their own as well as their family’s overall health.

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