With humble beginnings, this year marks a milestone for novita Singapore, as the home-grown brand celebrates 23 years in business, an achievement made possible thanks to the unwavering support of its local market. novita relished the trust and support of Singaporeans and in gratitude for this trust, novita pledges to continue striving to serve their customers and their families long-term with a focus on securing even more confidence well into the future. novita customers, both at home and in work spaces, value the brand for its reliable and innovative products. With a professionalism and sincerity delivered in an uniquely local way, customers recognise that novita is a brand, not just of their past, but one that will continue to be part of their future. As a forward-thinking brand, novita is set on continuing the relationship with its customers well into the future as it works towards achieving even more impressive milestones.

With research and development partners in South Korea, Italy, Japan, China and Taiwan, novita products enjoy the benefits and advantages of expertise that leads the world in water filtration systems. novita is celebrated across the industry and recognised by consumers for introducing the Total Wellness Perspective in Air.Water.Body. This reputation for product development, innovation and creative design, is backed by 23 years of outstanding customer service and after-sales support.

That continuous innovation has this year marked the release of another outstanding product, with novita unveiling the latest Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W1, The InstantPerfect!

Made in Korea, this unit redefines old rules, giving you extra time, excess space, more savings, quality purified water and energy efficiency instantly. Engineered with 4th Generation Technology, the W1 advances with its smart, stable and sleek configuration. Designed with an instant tankless heating system, you can experience instant heating and cooling on demand and enjoy greater energy efficiency with zero water wastage. Configured with a smart self-maintenance system sanitization, the W1 auto-sanitizes the internal water flow path once every 72 hours via electrolysis technology, for ease of mind.

Dispense your choice of water instantly at a hot, cold, warm and room temperature and rejoice with HydroNano™ purified water goodness to hydrate and revitalize your body today, and every day!

novita Singapore remains singularly driven to continue building their customers’ trust so their word-of-mouth endorsement helps further spread the benefits of owning a novita product. All novita customers enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that an extensive range of after-sale support is available to them, should a problem arise. The support includes free faulty service evaluation, home delivery, temporary replacement loan sets during periods of repair, service tracking, and a fast service turnaround – all overseen by a dedicated customer service team. And for customers who need the extra convenience of 27/4 help, novita Singapore this year launched a range of 24/7 DROP n PICK service for customers to drop off or collect their units – all at a time that’s convenient to them and their families. Just another way novita is making life easier for its customers.

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