Purity, safety and effectiveness, a winning formula behind NUTRILITE™

For generations, Nutrilite™ vitamins and supplements have been the benchmark in helping people lead healthier lives. Inspired by the philosophy ‘Best of Nature. Best of Science.’, today the company continues the dream realised by its founder, Carl Rehnborg back in the 1920s.

It was during a visit to China, that the young Rehnborg observed a man adding iron and animal bones to his soup to enhance the nutrition in his diet. This observation made Rehnborg recognise the need for vitamins and supplements to help boost the nutritional value of a person’s diet, particularly during when food sources were scarce. The answer was straightforward: humans need vitamins to supplement their food intake to ensure they maintain optimum health.



Back in the US, Rehnborg set about developing, and then launching in 1934, a multivitamin containing 12 vitamins, 9 minerals and 17 plant concentrates. The product was sold for US$20, earning it the name DOUBLE X and becoming the signature supplement that catapulted the Nutrilite brand to the one that is trusted and revered today.

Nutrilite vitamins and supplements are carefully created using only ingredients that are genuinely traceable to company-owned and operated farms. Tracing ingredients has been fundamental to Nutrilite since its beginning. Every ingredient used across the company’s range of vitamins and supplements has earned its place due to its purity, something that is guaranteed only because of the strict traceability measurements in place.

Today, on nearly 6000 acres of Nutrilite-owned certified organic farmland and nearly 100 partner farms located in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, Nutrilite enjoys full control to trace where the ingredients in their supplements come from — from seed to supplement. This obsessive level of detail is a source of great pride for Nutrilite, as it ensures the brand can guarantee with full confidence that its supplements are Pure, Safe And Effective.

Nutrilite Farm at Trout Lake West, Washington

The traceability involves a 9-step process, that in its entirety ensures the company can seamlessly maintain the highest levels of purity and safety across the entire Nutrilite range of vitamins and supplements. This starts with selecting ingredients from a library of 1,300 individual plant nutrient species, grown from the best seeds, which are raised in the company-owned organic farms, before being harvested and then packed in a manner that guarantees the nutrients are not damaged and uphold the highest quality.

This streamlined 9-Step traceability process is fundamental to the company’s 3 traceability pillars – the promise to health-conscious consumers that the Nutrilite supplements always are Pure, Safe and Effective.

The Pure pillar is upheld thanks to Nutrilite’s extensive farming holdings. The Safe pillar ensures health consumers can trust the vitamins and supplements are never harmful. To this end, more than 500,000 rigorous and regular quality checks are carried out each year to ensure that only the purest ingredients are used.

All Safety checks are conducted by the company’s global team of in-house certified scientists, who also develop, test and review ingredients and formulas a minimum of 200 times to ensure safety and quality. The Effective pillar comprises more testing on the supplements and packaging to ensure tablets arrive in the health consumer’s home in a stable condition and upholds only the highest level of consistency across the course of the health consumer’s treatment.

Nutrilite is not only the first brand to use plant-based phytonutrient ingredients, it is the world’s No.1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand and the only global vitamin and dietary supplement brand to grow, harvest and process plants on its own certified organic farms.*

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*Source: Euromonitor International Limited.

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