Big discoveries often start from small observations, and this is how the RiceField brand came to be a pioneer in the rice oil industry. Starting out as a rice importer in 1990, the team at Tong Seng Produce were surprised to discover a little oil on some of its rice packaging some years later. After investigating how it got there, the importer discovered that it came from the rice itself. Delving into market research, Tong Seng Produce found that oil from rice bran was already popular in Japan – both as the cooking oil of choice used by experienced home cooks as well as in commercial kitchens. Its popularity there stemmed from the fact that rice bran oil contains higher nutritional properties, making it healthier than some other types of cooking oils on the market at the time. For example, rice bran oil has a high smoke point, is high in unsaturated fats, free of trans fats, naturally cholesterol-free, is rich in vitamin E, and contains the natural antioxidant y-Oryzanol. Given the overwhelming evidence of the health and flavour benefits of rice bran oil, the innovative folk at Tong Seng Produce decided to pursue production of their own formula for the local market.

In 2000, the Singapore company launched into the business of importing rice bran oil from its partner factory in Thailand – the first Singaporean importer to do so. Its name was chosen deliberately as a tribute to the rice paddy fields where the company’s Thai-based rice brans are harvested. Branding the product RiceField Rice Bran Oil acknowledges the oil is a gift from the rice fields; it is also the company’s way of showing its gratitude to the wonders of nature.

The company decided to stay true to the strengths of rice bran oil, by selling it in its most natural form as 100% pure rice bran oil without other added ingredients. This purity is guaranteed because the Thailand factory only produces one type of oil, which eliminates the risk of contamination from other grain varieties or impurities during production.

Just as its popularity in Japan has long been cemented, recent primary research conducted in Singapore supermarkets, including FairPrice, found that many local consumers were already aware of the valuable cooking and nutritional benefits of rice bran oil, and despite its premium pricing, they still chose to buy RiceField Rice Bran Oil. Demand for RiceField oil, available in three sizes – 1-litre, 2-litre and 5-litre bottles – has meant it remains the market leader. This demand then lead in June 2022 to FairPrice selecting RiceField as a subsidised brand to ensure their customers facing strain from the increase in living costs could enjoy a discounted price before price hikes hit in July 2022.

RiceField recently updated its logo to the one featured to stand out more on supermarket display shelves and make it easier for consumers to recognise. Although you may not realise it at first look, the logo now sits on the shape of a rice grain, because RiceField appreciates the wisdom of nature. Today, the RiceField brand advertisements always feature the rice paddy, and celebrate the impact and role of each of the four seasons have in the rice harvest’s natural cycle of life and growth. In spring, the rice seeds are sown, in summer the seeds grow, come autumn it is harvest time and then in winter the harvested rice is preserved.

Whether it is daily home cooking, desserts or light snacks, today’s consumers enjoy an array of cooking oil choices, but RiceField Rice Bran Oil offers a natural, cleaner and healthier choice of food ingredient.

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