Reader's Digest Chinese Edition (2019年4月)





博覽 羣雄豪傑及平凡人在特殊情境下的驚人壯舉。

認識 最新醫學進展與科學發現,及它們對日常生活的影響。


節省 時間、金錢或兩者皆省的妙方!居家、旅遊、家庭、飲食、理財等領域的祕訣、竅門和文章。

重拾 睽違多年的雅好:閱讀、吸收、分享新知的樂趣。

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Topics of the topic

In the courtroom, talking about “justice” or “compliance” or “death sentence” or “sentencing and non-sentencing” is not a serious injury. All of these things One thing is certain: So-and-V vs. So-and-So The Academic Debate Has The Same Topic If you have a “Case-So-A-V” case. Try writing articles using So-and-So, so you don’t know what to store and what to allow. You will release the court records again

The topic is distracting

The topic of academic media should be carefully considered and defined for a common discussion on it. For example, the role of “so-and-so vs. anywhere” is a bit of a drag. But while the “as-is” as always needs to be obvious An example of “the role of social pressure in the Jones vs Smith case” is quite common. “The Jury’s Judgment in the Case of Jones vs. Smith” has begun to set a strong precedent, across social pressure. (Of course, it could be a little more.)

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Going through the following steps will help you focus on your topic, discover a topic and share it.

Take a good look at your primary sources, and then, remember the roles, return to those directly related to the role and to your interests and interests. When you find a way that interests you, write down why it is important. Otherwise, you may forget about the value later.

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Make a few interesting note notes – write down your thoughts, ideas, and comments about the words, phrases, and phrases. Never mind your thoughts! Just write down, even if you think that what you are writing doesn’t really help much Now, get your feelings on paper; Later on you will start ordering and importing them

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Classroom ideas and ideas Try to get rid of ideas that are not good everywhere Ask yourself if any of the categories appear to be related to others. What are the categories of communication, opposition, echo, evidence, denial, etc.? What? The categories that are most relevant to others may be your actions

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Take a look at some interesting second-hand sources to get a feel for your developmental topic – which other experts have said. Don’t forget: with all the updates, it will be easier to go back and find where you have your coat, or worse, because you haven’t seen it.

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