A member of the King’s Guard has burst into tears after receiving the surprise of a lifetime while on duty.

The King’s Guard, who are usually unflappable and stoic figures stationed around Buckingham Palace, was moved to tears on what seemed like a normal day.

While sitting atop her horse, the woman stood as tourists passed by and took photos with the iconic guard.

The suddenly,  the previously composed guard smiles and can be seen looking teary, as she spots her parents in the crowd.

“That’s her dad!” another person in the crowd calls out.

The mother-father duo then approached their daughter and stroked the horse while chatting.

The teary-eyed guard can then be seen with a smile as her parents turn to face her, and her mother also strokes her daughter’s leg.

The guard nods when asked a question by her mother, before breaking down in tears, bending her head forward and using her white gloves to wipe her eyes.

The heartwarming moment, which was captured on video and posted to social media, quickly racked up hundreds of comments by impressed tourists.

One person wrote, “I’m amazed at the speed with which she pulls herself back together, blink & you miss her initial reaction. That’s reason enough to be proud on its own!”

Another added, “What a special moment. I hope they all got to spend a little time together after her watch. She is a great Guard and her parents should be proud of her and what she does.”

Another simply said, “How proud a parent to see your daughter standing post as a Kings Guard.”

Image credits: YouTube

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