True blue

True blue

This logic puzzle for adults will stump even the most astute solvers! Daniel, Emily, Marciano and Christina are all wearing solid-coloured shirts. Their shirts are red, yellow, green and blue. Only the person wearing blue tells the truth, while the other three lie. They make the following statements:

Daniel: “Marciano is wearing red.”

Emily: “Daniel is not wearing yellow.”

Marciano: “Emily is wearing blue.”

Christina: “I will wear blue tomorrow.”

Can you determine each person’s shirt colour, and whether we can expect to see Christina in blue tomorrow?


Answer: Daniel is wearing yellow, Emily is in red, Marciano is in green, and Christina is in blue. Christina will wear a blue shirt again tomorrow.

Three cheers for the new parents

Three cheers for the new parents

In this printable logic puzzle, you’ll discover what these expectant parents will name their triplets.

Ruby and Lewis are expecting…triplets! They already know what they will name their three children, but they aren’t sharing the names until the babies are born. For now, this is all they’ll say:

All three babies are boys.

Their names are six letters long and anagrams of one another.

Their names include both of their parents’ initials, but none of the other letters in their parents’ first names.

What will Ruby and Lewis name their triplets?


Answer: Arnold, Roland and Ronald.

Win or lose

Win or lose

And one last logic puzzle for adults: Can you figure out who won the game?

The Reds, the Greys, the Blues and the Blacks have a round-robin tournament. Each team plays each other team once, for a total of six games.

The Blacks won more games than the Blues.

The Greys lost more games than the Blues.

The Reds tied the Blacks. (This was the only tie in the tournament.)

Who won the game between the Reds and the Blues?


Answer: The Reds.

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