Three Animal Tales That Prove Humans Do Not Deserve Them

Smart animals know when to help

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We usually feed our wild birds with oats and bits of chicken skins at mealtime.

Last spring, while lunching on our deck, one cheeky butcherbird stole a hard, crusty corner off my husband’s lunchtime pie.

The bird couldn’t break it up so tried to swallow it whole.

The crust got stick on the way down and we could see it protruding from the poor bird’s mouth.

No matter how many times the bird shook and banged his beak on the table it would not dislodge from its open beak.

Perhaps sensing our concern for him, the bird flew off the deck and landed on the nearby birdbath and dipped his beak in the water several times.

A few gulps and the dry pastry went straight down.

With this, the bird shook his head, took another drink then came back looking for more!

My throat was sore just thinking about it but it didn’t phase this smart little cookie!

-Mrs Trudy Elze

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