To stay competitive, Manulife continually seeks better ways to introduce best-in-class and relevant solutions to its customers, wherever they are in their life journey. By leveraging its 115-year experience in the Philippines and its wealth of expertise and capabilities to make insurance more accessible to more Filipinos, Manulife remains one of the leading global life insurers in the country.

This strength comes from years of adapting and tailoring services to meet their customers’ changing financial and lifestyle needs, because after being in business for many generations, Manulife understands that insurance is never a one-size fits all game. As families and businesses grow, so too does the need for insurance to adapt and change to better meet the financial strategies of individuals. The past century has witnessed rapid social, financial and technological change, and Manulife has partnered with their customers every step of the way throughout these periods.

Manulife understands that as old challenges fade, fresh strategies are needed to protect their customers against new risks their families and business may encounter. With a philosophy that places the customers at the centre of all its endeavours, Manulife have built the trust and confidence of their customers by converting them to followers, who now assume the important roles of brand advocates.

As it always puts customers first, Manulife helps address changes in consumer behaviours, attitudes and priorities so they can become more resilient amid disruptions and uncertainty.

During the pandemic, the insurer pivoted its strategies to be more accessible to customers, while prioritizing their health and safety. Part of this effort is Manulife’s continuous enhancement of password secure digital platforms like Manulife Online and ePOS so customers and financial advisors can manage their transactions digitally, without the risk of exposure at the height of lockdowns and quarantines. Manulife Philippines showed that in moments when they need it most, it is ready to be there for them.

At the height of the pandemic, Manulife made its term insurance products more affordable, and even extended grace period for premiums so protection remains accessible. For example, it introduced HealthFlex, which gives Filipinos the flexibility to choose the most suitable life and health insurance plan in terms of both cost and scope of coverage. It also launched FutureBoost, a life and financial protection in one plan, which empowers its customers to take charge of their lives and supercharge their future.

At Manulife, there is a strong focus on all generations and for this reason efforts remain fixed on reaching more Gen Zs and Millennials to help guide them in the financial journey. Having lived through the pandemic, this age group is particularly aware of the hardship that poor financial planning can cause. That’s why Manulife has created a range of products and solutions to help this younger age group achieve their financial goals and enjoy financial security. The Every Day Better series offers practical and helpful financial tips and insights targeted at younger Filipinos to help them transform and shape their financial future.

With its strong heritage, Manulife recognises it enjoys a privileged position within Philippines society and that this carries a responsibility to support the broader community, helping social and charitable activities as much as possible. For this reason, earlier this year, Manulife launched the Global Impact Agenda (GIA) its biggest corporate social responsibility initiative to date. The GIA aims to foster sustained health and wellbeing improvements by driving inclusive economic opportunities, while accelerating a sustainable future. By partnering with Gawad Kalinga, Corazon Sanchez Atayde Memorial Foundation, and Haribon Foundation, it helps create long-term value for communities and champions sustainability in the Philippines.

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