Say goodbye to airport boredom with these global wi-fi passwords
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Say goodbye to airport boredom with these global wi-fi passwords

One of the many downsides of flying is having to get to the airport hours before you actually board the plane.

You can try to pass the time by playing cards, reading, or exploring the airport, but that gets old pretty fast.

Something that makes time go a little quicker, browsing through social media or catching up on your TV shows.

The only problem is that most airports give you a time limit for how long you can stay on the Wi-Fi or make you pay for it.

Anil Polat, blogger, computer engineer, and avid traveler, understands everyone’s struggle with airport boredom.

After a lot of research, he created a map with Wi-Fi passwords from hundreds of airports around the world.

Polat’s blog is all about teaching others to travel smarter. This map certainly does that.

You can zoom in a different areas and click on the location of the airport you’re at. It will give you the name of the free, secure Wi-Fi network, or the name and password of a protected network.

You can contribute to this map too, because it’s constantly getting updated.

Polat encourages his readers to add any new network information that they find out to his map.

He tells you how you can contact him to add more.


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