Common travel booking mistakes

1. Not reading the fine print After surfing the web for hours to find that perfect holiday deal, reading the fine print is probably the last thing you want to do. However, it could be the difference between a stress-free holiday and a complete disaster.

2. Booking the wrong dates Make sure to always have a calendar at hand when booking your flights and hotels. “If you’re travelling between different time zones, make sure to double check your arrival date with the airline before booking your hotel stay,” says Adam Schwab, CEO of

3. Not checking validity periods, surcharges and black-out periods In order to evade unexpected costs, it is important to pay special attention to double-check these three things. “Pay extra attention to validity periods, extra person surcharges, kids’ policies, transfers costs as well as cancellation and amendment policy,” says Schwab.

4. Entering the wrong name You may laugh, but this is a common mistake many online travellers make. If you know you experience butter fingers while typing, it’s best to re-read every detail a few times before confirming to avoid embarrassing phone calls to rectify the mistake.

5. Working solo It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the dates and fine print so before you confirm your trip have your partner or friend read through all the travel details before booking and paying, suggests Schwab. Chances are, they’ll pick up anything you may have missed.

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