Ever hear anyone exclaim “Let’s whip out the Ouija board and summon some evil spirits?”

These 12 tales may be the reason why.

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Justin, 32
Justin, 32
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Justin played with an Ouija board one day with several of his friends.

They asked questions, but instead of the planchette moving to certain letters, it began to move in a strange pattern.

“It went to all four corners of the board and made an X,” he tells Reader’s Digest, “then it just went in circles.”

The next time he used the board, it was with a different friend at his house.

Again, the planchette moved in the same strange pattern. “I felt like it was some kind of hex,” he continues.

Later that night when he was sleeping, he felt a forceful hand grab his arm and wake him up.

Everyone else in the house was sound asleep.


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